Staying Focused: Tips For Productive Work Days (Pt. 1)

We all know that feeling when you are sitting there at work with a million things to do and no desire to do them. Every ding of a new email, someone walking by, a peek at all our social media accounts, playing with the paper clips all suddenly seem like much better options…anything to avoid actually doing that project that is just not calling your name right now.

Since it is our job, we all know that we don’t actually get to just procrastinate the work forever. So here we compiled some good tips and ways to stay focused and crank through those not always thrilling tasks we are asked to do during our nine to five.

Get An Organized Work Station

This may sound repetitive and dull, but it really can do wonders. Take the time and effort to make sure that your work station is conducive to work and not distractions! Limit clutter on your desk and try to keep only the main things you need close at hand during work hours. Some people work better with a little bit of a messy desk, if that is you, try to work out a system that you like.

One thing that goes along with putting together an organized work station is your furniture. It is vital that you purchase a chair that is comfortable and supportive and works with your desk. Being uncomfortable or slowly losing feeling in your lower back is not going to help you stay focused. Find the right match for you!

Plan Ahead And Make A Schedule

This is a very good tip when it comes to having a lot of little things to get done that day. Make a list of everything you need to do and prioritize them. Cross them off as you accomplish them…this is surprisingly satisfying and will help keep you motivated to keep going.

Eat A Healthy Breakfast And Bring Some Snacks

Eating breakfast is a great way to fuel your morning, especially if it is full of healthy vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly. It is probably best to stay away from sugar filled toaster pastries or sugar coated cereals.

Bringing some snacks can be another good way to stay on task at work. When you start getting a little hungry it can be distracting. When this happens pull out your carrots, celery, or crackers and munch away while you keep working, or give yourself a five minute snack break.

Tune Out Distractions

If you are in a place that allows it, especially useful if you are working from home, wear headphones. This can help keep your mind on your task as it tunes out the noise from around you. Listen to music that helps you stay with what you are doing and isn’t itself distracting to you.

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