Staying Focused: Tips For Productive Work Days (Pt. 2)

Keeping yourself focused and on task is such a vital skill that we decided you deserved to know about some more tips and tricks to keep yourself productive and help you to keep conquering the day.

Staying on task and efficient isn’t just about pleasing your boss and being a stellar employee, it can help you  in your everyday life as well. Many students are familiar with the struggle of staying focused just like those of us that spend our workdays parked behind our computers. People that work from home must have the skills and ability to stay focused and be productive by ignoring distractions and seeing projects and tasks through until they are done.

When you are able to cultivate the skill to be someone that gets the job done, is productive, efficient, and reliable, you can carry that over into all aspects of your life and character. Learning this skill will help you save time by completing errands and tasks in a timely matter. This means more time for fun and living the rest of your life! To help you out here are a few more ideas to get you started!

Be Offline

Seems a bit counterintuitive if you are working on tasks that require the internet. Of course we don’t mean you should not access the internet for reasons related to your work or task. Instead we are talking about your cellphone, social media, chat rooms, and your email. Instead of getting distracted and checking notifications and all your accounts every few minutes, focus on getting the task at hand accomplished. Schedule short and timed social media breaks between your projects or tasks, if needed, but do not stay logged in on your computer and do not have your account open in another tab. Make sure your phone is on silent and put it away for a while.

Take It By Chunks

If you are facing an overwhelming project that just seems daunting, take the time to write it down and break it into smaller steps that you can handle. By doing this you will feel more capable, less stressed and will be more likely to make progress.

Take Breaks

This is our favorite suggestion. How can taking breaks help you stay on task and get more done? Taking breaks can refresh you and can give you new perspective on things that you have been working on for a while. One really great thing you can do with your breaks is to get moving. Take a short stroll down the hall or around the office to get your blood pumping a bit. This will make you feel more awake and can help you be more focused when you get back to your desk.

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