Staying Healthy In Your Office


Being healthy is more than just your body shape. Exercise and healthy eating are important, but many people neglect other important steps to make sure that you are operating at your peak. In today’s busy world, we need every edge we can get to stay on top of life. If we don’t keep our bodies health, our minds will suffer. One of the easiest things that we can do is to make changes in our office space to help us keep our bodies in better condition.

Adjusting Lighting

When you can, try to get some natural light. Certain wavelengths of light signal to your body to produce vitamin D, which is needed for healthy bone growth and maintenance. If you are working in a dark space or away from sunlight, try to find a way to get some lights that can mimic the effects of natural light. If you are working on a screen, adjusting the lighting to appropriate levels can help prevent eye strain and headaches.  Try to prevent glare from a window or bright overhead light on your screen. Try to adjust the brightness of your screen and the lights around you to a balance where neither are too bright.

Stay Hydrated

Does your office have a water cooler? Make sure that you have water readily available. Staying on top of your body’s hydration needs will help you be happier, and has even been linked to weight loss.  If you end up sitting for long periods of time, you can use trips to the cooler as a way to remember to get up and stretch your legs now and then. If you don’t have a cooler, or aren’t willing to walk to it, bring a water bottle. This will help you always ensure that you don’t cause yourself hydration problems down the line if an important project is keeping you at your desk.

Keep Good Posture

Maintaining good posture is very important in helping you stay healthy. Bad posture can cause a litany of health problems, from the predictable back pain and slipped disc to benefits such as improving breathing, which allows for greater oxygen circulation. It can be helpful to get a chair that will provide back support and help you sit comfortably upright. Make sure that you have good lumbar support, and that the chair will adjust to fit your frame. Look around for tips on choosing a chair that is good for you.

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