Steps to Choosing a good Ergonomic Office Chair

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There is no way that an office should be without a chair or with an uncomfortable office chair. It presents so many problems for the staff. An uncomfortable office chair causes back problems that can get very severe, especially if the employee continues to sit in the same chair for years. In fact, employers should change out their office chairs on a realistically regular basis.

An Example

For example, let’s say Sue worked for the BCF Company for five years and left her position for a better job. Now, Carrie comes along to take Sue’s position and sits in the same office chair. Sue weighed 250 pounds and Carrie is petite at 120 pounds. Sue was half Carrie’s size. Why is this important?

Height and Size

The height and size of an individual has a lot to do with an office chair or any other chair for that matter. The specific person seated should be able to adjust the chair to suit their height. If the chair, as in Sue’s chair has already been broken in, it is going to be more difficult for the next person, Carrie to be comfortably fitted in that particular office chair.

Employers Responsibility

It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that their staff members are comfortable when working. In Carrie’s case, her situation just wasn’t fair. However, Carrie isn’t alone. Most employers just don’t go out and buy new office chairs when a staff leaves the company. Sue was working for the company for five years and she was overweight, which means that in that situation, investing in a new office chair would be the best decision for an employer.

Ergonomic Chairs

Office chairs that are ergonomic in nature tend to be the ideal option. Ergonomic chairs tend to be excellent choices for relieving the possibility of back problems as well as shoulder and neck pain. The ergonomic office chair offers improved support for someone seated for up to eight hours each day.


When purchasing an ergonomic office chair, make sure you assess its features. Ensure that the chair offers an option to adjust the height. No two employees as in Sue and Carrie’s case are the same size. An adjustable office chair allows employees to protect all areas of their body including the thighs, back, neck, shoulder, arms and feet. Look for a chair that can fit around the employee’s desks. Usually the width should be about seventeen to twenty inches in width. It is important to assess the distinct features of your office chair before purchasing, ergonomics or not.

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