Steps to Properly Adjusting Your Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair

It is necessary to adjust your office chair, especially when you have to sit for such long hours at work and your boss expects a certain level of productivity. The height adjustment of your office chair is important to make sure that you maintain good posture. In addition, it is important to have the right office chair height to prevent lower back pains and possibly pinched nerves.

Pneumatic and Non-Pneumatic

Pneumatic or ergonomic office chairs are the newer chair models and non-pneumatic office chairs are the older models. Both the pneumatic and non-pneumatic office chair models are easy to adjust by just turning a bolt or maybe pressing a lever. Make sure that you make the adjustment with your actual height in mind, but also the office desk height.

Making the Adjustment

First, you should place your office chair in front to the table or desk that you are using while sitting in the chair as you adjust it. Doing it this way, you will be aware of the exact adjustment that you need to make for more comfort, of course.

The Control

Find the lever, button or turning bolt that acts as the control to adjust the height of your office chair. The non-pneumatic, which is the older office chair model, will have a turning bolt with a thick appearance. For pneumatic office chairs and non-pneumatic chairs, you will find a button, lever, or turning bold directly under the seat.

Take Up Position

Stand in front or next to the pneumatic office chair, pressing the lever up or down. It depends on the way that you want to make the correct height adjustment. Press up the lever, button or bolt and the office chair will be adjusted up and the opposite is true when you press down, the office chair will be adjusted down. Only one of your hands is needed to have this done. Why? Well, this is because you have to leave the other hand free to carry out the next step.

The Next Step

Slowly and gently pull or push down the seat with the other hand while moving it just a few inches each time you pull or push down. Release the button, bolt or lever as soon as you make the height adjustment that you want. Then the office chair will lock automatically in place. Turn the bolt to the left to loosen it. Slide your office chair now, up and down, setting it at the desired height. Tighten the lever, button or bold, locking it in position.


If you are able to sit in the office chair and your feet can be placed flat on the floor, then you would have adjusted it to the right height. Each office chair model is different. Therefore, you have to play with it a little until you get it right.

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