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Exercise ball office chair

Exercise ball office chair









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As a substitute for a traditional office chair, modern styles of chairs have been designed for a variety of reasons. Ergonomic office chairs, for example, have been introduced to the workplace as a way to give employees more back support, encourage good posture and provide comfort. This is especially necessary when employees have to sit for long hours at a time. An ergonomic office chair might take some time getting accustomed to. However, they usually become more comfortable as time goes by. If you suffer from lower back pain or any type of discomfort when seated, you would fare well with an ergonomic office chair. There are different types of ergonomic office chairs for people of all heights and sizes.

Saddle Ergonomic Chair

The saddle office chair has ergonomic features. It is considered a computer or desk chair. The chair has the shape of a saddle. The person seated will be in a similar position as if riding a horse.  In this position, the person can drop the legs naturally, creating more stability when seated. The saddle position is more often than not useful for those experiencing lower back issues. This office chair, over time, can possibly strengthen the muscles in your back. It prevents you from slouching than other traditional office chair does.

Kneeling Ergonomic Chair

Kneeling office chairs have no back support. The person will sit in an altered kneeling position. This design forces the person to maintain good posture. The user slides the hips forward while aligning the shoulders, neck and back.  The user receives support directly from the chair’s seat. Additional support comes from the user’s shins. Your weight is distributed between your knees and your pelvis, reducing spinal compression and stress on the leg muscles and lower back.

Recliner Office Chair

For those with major back problems such as a degenerative disc disease, a recliner office chair would be best. It makes them feel more comfortable reclining than sitting up. The user can prop the feet on the foot rest. The user could also lie on the stomach using a small attached table to work.

Exercise Ball Ergonomic Chair

The exercise ball office chair is not the usual chair that you would see. It is shaped like a ball, but large enough to be supportive. It can be used as a computer or desk chair. The real benefit of this office chair is that it promotes active sitting and active movement. Of course, you will bounce slightly, but you legs will keep moving, stimulating circulation and reducing stress. You will maintain good posture because it is difficult to slouch. You can attach a backrest to this office chair as well.


It doesn’t matter the kind of ergonomic office chair you use, as long as it deals with any back issues and provides the comfort you need. Additionally, you want to ensure good posture, less back fatigue and improved circulation.

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