Factors Involved in Choosing Quality Office Chairs

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When trying to make a decision on office chairs, there are various factors involved in the process. You have to be sure of the one you would want for each employee because your goal is to ensure that they are comfortable in your place of business. Good office chairs are important to an employee’s comfort, but also for their health. Lower back pain is one of the prerequisite to sitting on an uncomfortable office chair, especially if the employee works longer than normal hours.

Shopping Experience

During your shopping experience of office chairs for your employees, features are also an important aspect. You should make sure that you buy ergonomic office chairs. Why? These provide more features, more adjustability and are more comfortable. Be sure to do some price comparison in order to get the best bargain, especially if you are buying multiple office chairs.

While you are shopping, you will be confronted with a number of factors that will affect the price. This could include:

  • Fabric that made the office chair
  • Its aesthetics
  • Comfortable seating
  • Adjustable features
  • Whether it is swivel, hydraulic, ergonomic or standard
  • Whether it has castor wheels or other components

The more features that your ergonomic office chairs have, then it will be more adjustable and comfortable. Remember, your goal is to allow your employees to enjoy optimum comfort.

Making the Right Choice

Whether you are buying office chairs for a conference room, desk or cubicle, it should be comfortable. Therefore, you should first contemplate the kind of office chair that will suit your usage and additionally, you should assess which employees need these office chairs. You don’t want to put too much money into a swivel office chair, only to find that the employee has limited moving space. If you bought a higher-end office chair for a temporary employee, then you would be spending too much money. However, if you plan to hire that employee permanently and this is a managerial position, then it would be a wiser purchase. Be smart when shopping.

Think About Your Employees

Employers have to first think about the overall well-being of their employees and one way to do so is to ensure that they enjoy comfort throughout the day. Ergonomic office chairs provide just that. Employees will be less likely to suffer back pain. They will be more productive, not having to call in sick regularly. If you want a physically fit workforce, it is best to get the tools of trade that employees need.

Office Chairs: The Wisdom of Sitting in Comfort

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Most employers think highly of their business. On the other hand, most employees think highly of their office chairs. These are for good reasons. An employee is seated up to eight hours each day. Employers may like to see their employees seated longer. However, to be seated in an uncomfortable chair for more than eight hours would be a nightmare. Other than taking an hour for lunch, these employees have to sit and finish their daily tasks. That is what many employers have come to expect. But, can productivity be at the expense of a person’s health? It shouldn’t be!

Fancy or Comfortable

There is no use to have a fancy desk and an uncomfortable office chair. Your employees will be unable to fulfill your business goals. Behind the fancy desk is the most valuable aesthetics and that is the office chairs. For the employee’s health, employers should consider buying ergonomic office chairs. Why? Well, these office chairs are instrumental in protecting and supporting the back of anyone seated at a desk.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs provide comfort for your shoulders, legs and neck while you are working. If you are seated at a desk for long periods of time, then ergonomic office chairs become important commodities for any employee. Let’s look at the scenario:

Long Sitting

You work five days each week and eight hours each day. If you sat at a desk for five hours each day, you know how much hours you would spend sitting in that office chair? A whopping 1,200 hours is the answer! Those 1,200 hours amount to fifty days and nights in a seated position. Don’t you see how long that sounds? Yes, it is a long time to be sitting.

Inexpensive Office Chairs

While at work, you could sit on some inexpensive office chairs, but what good is that doing to your health and productivity? Those office chairs won’t last very long and you will continue to have back pain and other symptoms over the life of the chair. How, then can you get the most out of an office chair?


If you sat in an ergonomic chair, you would definitely benefit from back support. You would also be able to adjust the chair to suit your height, size, weight and comfort. This is especially important if you are short or tall, if you are overweight or not and if you want to be more productive at work in comfort.

What to Expect from an Office Chair

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For employers and employees, a comfortable office chair is very important to the productivity of the company and health of the workers. If employers want to satisfy their employees, it is time to consider ergonomic office chairs. An office chair means a lot to your employees. This is especially true if your employee works long hours every day. In addition, there are no one-size-fit-all chairs. Every employee has different heights, shapes, and shapes so it is imperative that each get fitted with a personal office chair instead of just going out to buy one on a whim. Your employee’s office chairs are supposed to be customized to their fit. Although, personal style may matter when purchasing an ergonomic office chair, the comfort and fit is most important of all.

Choosing the Right One

It is important also to include the employees in the purchasing decision. They are the ones who will be sitting on these chairs all day. When choosing an office chair, make sure you consider the size of the chair, its ergonomics, style as well as its height and adjustable features. Putting the extra effort into buying the right chair will ensure a happy employee. When trying to find the most comfortable office chair, there are several factors to think about. Look for one that provides the best support for the back, arms and feet. Having the right back support means that the employee will also have the ideal posture. Sitting naturally and appropriately is essential to preventing back pain. In fact, these ergonomic office chairs reduce fatigue and stress on the back muscles.

The Armrest

The chair’s armrests should provide support to the shoulders and the arms. This is especially true for employees who use their mouse for computer work. The forearm is able to rest while typing. Some office chairs have adjustable armrests and this is the ideal feature for an ergonomic office chair. The adjustability affords employees with various heights the opportunity to make adjustments to the armrests. The office chair can easily slide under the desk so employees have a closer reach when working on their computer.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the office chair also carries great significance. An employee who is overweight would benefit from a bigger chair. An employee with larger hips could easily fit into a chair of the right size. Every employee needs the proper space to work in. Therefore, if the office chair is too large, it would prevent the employee from having enough space to do paperwork because the chair would take up too much space.


Therefore, to buy the right office chair, it is best to look closely at what you want to achieve, the dynamics of your office, height and weight of employees and the space that you can afford to allot. More importantly, you want to ensure that the chair is comfortable, fits and increases productivity.