How to Decide on a Good Executive Office Chair

Executive Office Chair

Executive Office Chair

Executive chairs have always been manufactured to provide a high level of comfort to people who have to sit at their desks for long hours. With such comfort, the mind can effectively concentrate and focus. The employee or manager seated in an executive office chair will definitely be more productive.

Sitting for Long Hours

If you have to be seated for long hours each day while working, an executive chair may be the one thing that makes the difference. These kinds of office chairs can be used to give the employee or manager a high status and a deservedly executive appearance.

Expense will pay Off

An executive office chair can be expensive, but it will last for a longer time than the normal office chair. With this kind of office chair, employers will give their staff the comfort and luxury that they deserve to be productive each day. In other words, the employer will get back a higher return on productivity from employees, which will eventually pay for the chair in the long run.

Upper and Higher Level

In most cases, executive office chairs are used by upper management, but there are some lower level employees who can benefit from less expensive executive chairs. In any event, there are things that employers should consider when a decision is made to purchase one of these office chairs. Let’s explore.

The Features

Executive office chairs are usually the ones that look overstuffed and have a high backrest and padded for shoulder and neck support. You will also find that these office chairs come with padded armrests, thigh support and also adjustable features. These classy and elegant office chair models are made with the high level of management in mind. The only exception is the ones that are sportier and have a thinner padding, resembling the car seat of a sports vehicle. This particular office chair provides a lateral support to its user. Rather than a large back, it is more curved and equipped with optics. Let’s look at some of the features.

The Headrest

An executive office chair is important to provide support to the head, shoulders and neck while working. It is known to alleviate and prevent any pressure in these areas. Most executive chairs have a tilt feature where the person seated can take a break while resting the head for added comfort.

The Backrest

The backrest also has a tilt feature to provide more comfort. It provides a semi-reclining position where the user can switch from upright to recline. It helps the thighs and torso to rest in between working.


An executive office chair is usually made of leather. This material makes it cool and comfortable to sit despite your body temperature. A sturdy base helps the chair to maintain its balance. With its effective lumbar and height adjustable features, the per

What Should Go Into Selecting an Ergonomic Office Chair?

Ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic office chair

It is not a good thing to sit in an uncomfortable office chair for hours on end. Before long, you will feel real pain in your lower back, shoulders, and neck. You may not suffer from back pain right now, but this could happen after being seated for long periods of time, and possibly because you don’t take a break during the day. This is especially true when you have to sit in an unsupportive office chair. This is when an ergonomic office chair comes into play if you want to maintain proper posture.

The Features

There are office chairs with various sizes, shapes, and colors. Some will have higher backs than others. So, when you are choosing, you will have quite a lot of choices. Don’t buy office chairs based on looks, but on features. More importantly is the adjustable features. An adjustable office chair is best and that is why ergonomic office chairs are ideal for that reason.

The Adjustability

You should be able to sit back into the chair, allowing the neck and shoulders to also relax. Adjustability is a feature, allowing you to make changes to the back rest, seat height and back rest. This is important since not everyone has the same weight and height. It means that anyone can sit in the ergonomic chair and be able to make the appropriate adjustments.

The Store Purchase

If you walk into a store to purchase an office chair, you will have multiple options as it relates to the exact office chair and the pricing. Of course, you will get a salesperson to assist you, but ultimately, you will have to make the right choice. You may have to walk out of the store as confused as you went in, if you don’t conduct your research beforehand.

The Selection

When shopping for an office chair, there are several factors that you need to consider as was alluded to before. Adjustability, and back support are the main factors for consideration. Ergonomic office chairs meet these two factors. Let’s explore. The lower back has a concave shape. For that reason, an office chair should be convex in shape. This will mold into the lower back and provide comfort to the person seated in the ergonomic chair.


You deserve the option of being seated in comfort while trying to be productive at work. So, now that you have the details of what to expect from an ergonomic office chair, you should go out and shop for the one that is right for you.

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Choosing a Mesh Back Office Chair

Office Chair

Office Chair

Never take your office chair for granted? An office chair is not an object that is used for seating only. It also should be something used for comfort, support and fit. In fact, there are several factors to take into consideration when you are assessing a desk chair for the office.

The Comfort and Productivity

While you may be satisfied with your existing office chair or might be considering changing to an ergonomic office chair, you still have to put a lot of thought into it. It is important, though, to ensure that your office chair is correct for the specific use it is meant for. What does this mean? Well, if you are going to sit in an office chair, it needs to be as comfortable as possible so you can be as productive as you are supposed to be. This means that if you are uncomfortably seated, you won’t be able to perform at the high level that your employer expects you to.

What to Consider

When thinking about office chairs, the first thought is what you will use it to do along with other factors. You have to consider your height, for example. You also have to think about your weight and the support that the office chair will offer. You have to assess the chair’s dimensions and you have to give thought to how long you will be seated at your desk. The employer has to know when to change office chairs and the budget that it will take to do so.

The Mesh

There are several choices as it relates to office chair. Many employers may not be aware of the mesh back office chair, which has been recently introduced on the market a few years ago. There are some advantages to switching to mesh back office chairs in comparison to the traditional types. The primary benefit is the mesh, which allows for a higher level of airflow from the back of the chair. While this may not appear to be a huge deal, if an employee is working in an air condition-less office, then it will make a noticeable difference to the employee. Even if you are working in an air conditioned office, you will definitely notice and feel the difference.


When you are going to purchase a mesh back chair, you should definitely look at whether the chair has lumbar support. The elasticity in the material used will dictate the comfort of the chair. Even with less elasticity, this office chair can still provide the generous support that is needed.

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How to Maintain Good Posture in an Office Chair

Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs

Poor posture is evident when you consider being seated in an office chair all day long without a break. Other activities can result in poor posture such as driving, long standing, sleeping, carrying your heavy purse on the same shoulder, using a cell phone by cradling it in between your shoulders, staring for long hours at your computer and caring for an infant. However, sitting for long hours in office chairs that lack back support is indicative of bad posture. This is also true for shoulder pain, neck pain, lower back pain and possible spinal damage.

The Main Factors

Fortunately for you, the primary factors that impact ergonomics and posture are fully within the affected person’s control and it is not very hard to make changes. There are several ways that you can improve your posture. This is especially true for the person sitting in the office chair for most of their day.

Identifying the Signs

First, you need to identify the signs of your back pain. Poor ergonomics may be the cause. It is worse when you work for five or more days per week and eight hours per day, sometimes longer. Has the pain begun in the neck or back? Has it moved from the shoulders to the lower back? Does it go away when you switch positions while sitting? Is the pain sudden upon starting a new job, sitting in a newly bought office chair or while sitting in a newly purchased vehicle? Has the pain prolonged for months and just won’t go away?

Maintain Posture

When you sit on office chairs, it is best to maintain body alignment. If you are standing, make sure you evenly shift your body weight as much as possible. You should also take advantage of the features of your office chair when you are seated. Most ergonomic office chairs have adjustable features that you should use as best as you can to avoid back pain and any other posture issues. You will get help from the adjustments made as it will provide ease to your back, neck and shoulders.

When seated, be sure to avoid:

  • Getting up suddenly
  • Hunching your back and shoulders
  • Tilting your head
  • Leaning your body to one side


Ergonomic office chairs are posture friendly because of their ability to allow the person seated to make adjustments. If you can adjust the office chair to put less strain on your back, then it will prove to be quite helpful to your overall health. In the long run, posture is important whether you are sitting or standing. It is to your advantage that you ensure that you protect your posture and your health by choosing the ergonomic office chairs that work best.

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Positive Features of an Ergonomic Office Chair

Office Chair

Office Chair

When someone works in an office, it usually involves a lot of time spent seated in an office chair. This adds a lot of pressure on the back and spine. It could also affect your posture. To avoid all of these issues, it is best to be seated in an office chair with ergonomic capabilities and features. This will allow your back and spine to be healthy and posture to improve.

The Adjustability

There are several kinds of ergonomic office chairs available on the market. No sole office chair is essentially the best. However, there are certain things to consider as it relates to buying a high-quality ergonomic office chair. With this, the person seated in the chair will find ways for it to work because of the adjustment capabilities.

The Features

When considering the limitations of the traditional office chair, there are several things that you should look for in an ergonomic chair. This includes:

  • Seat height, depth and width
  • Lumbar or lower back support
  • Backrest and armrests
  • Seat material

Seat Height, Depth and Width

The height of an office chair is necessary in order to be adjusted. With an ergonomic office chair, the user has the available option to do so. The height of the seat will range from roughly sixteen to twenty one inches from the floor for most working individuals. This gives the user the ability to place the feet flat on the ground with the thighs placed horizontally and the arms matching the height of the office desk. The seat of the office chair should have sufficient depth and width in order to comfortably support the user. The standard is generally seventeen to twenty inches in width. The depth should allow the person seated to be able to lean against the backrest without reaching. The seat should be able to be adjusted in its backward and forward tilt.

Lumbar Support

An ergonomic office chair usually has lumbar or lower back support, which is important to protect the user from unnecessary injury of sitting for a long time without the essential spinal and back support. There shouldn’t be any strain on the back or spine while seated and the ergonomic office chair offers just that.

Backrest and Armrest

The ergonomic office chair should have a backrest of twelve to nineteen inches in width. The angle and height of the backrest should be able to be adjusted if it is separate from the seating. The spine and back should be protected. If backrest and seat are combined, then there should be an adjustable feature for the back and forward angles with a locking device for securing the office chair and not allowing it to go too far in a backward position. The armrests should also have adjustable features to relax the arms and shoulders.

Seat Material

Ergonomic office chairs usually don’t have hard surfaces. They will generally have sufficient padding for comfort when seated for extended time periods. Cloth fabric is better than the hard surfaces.


Lastly, ergonomic chairs with a swivel feature helps the person seated to easily rotate when reaching for something from the office desk without having to strain. The employee’s health is important and so that is why you should make sure that your staff is well seated to facilitate comfort and prevent injury.

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Features of the Office Chair and Its Benefits

Office Chair

Office Chair

Every employee wants to be seated in a comfortable office chair, but nine times out of ten, this might not be the case. Depending on the employer, the budget and the employer’s willingness to accommodate employees so as to improve productivity, the employee does not have many choices when it comes to being seated in a comfortable office chair. It is to the employer’s advantage to make sure that happens, though.

More Choices

As you may be aware, office chairs are now manufactured with a wide range of features. This was something that wasn’t being done years ago. In addition, employers are now changing out office chairs sooner rather than having them in the office for years even after hiring and rehiring new employees. For that reason, there are more choices.

What to Look For

The look of an office chair doesn’t mean that it could be the best choice. You have to look for things like:

  • Ergonomics
  • Comfort
  • Adjustability
  • Affordability
  • Swivel-ability

Buying a quality ergonomic chair is more important. Why? It offers more back support and more comfort as well as adjustability. Generally, you should not purchase an office chair that doesn’t have adjustment features because not everyone has the same height. An adjustable chair offers you the benefit of adjusting the chair to suit your height.

For Comfort

Most office chairs come with swivel-ability and casters at the bottom. This is especially so for jobs done around a desk. The reason for this is that longer hours around the desk require comfortable seating. Chairs with these features make it more bearable to work these long hours and still be able to maintain a high level of productivity.

Going Executive

If you want to make sure that you have a quality office chair that will provide all that you need for comfort, then consider an executive office chair. While this type of office chair may have a higher price tag, it will last you longer and provide more comfort. So, in the end, it could prove to be more cost effective. Moreover, it is classy and can make the office look more sophisticated.

Big and Tall

If you are heavier or taller than the norm, a quality office chair is even more important. Big and tall office chairs are being sold now to accommodate people with more weight and height. So, you are not left out, but employers need to consider this when purchasing office chairs.


For the most part, though, a good office chair is essential to prevent injuries and back pains, allowing employees to avoid health risks. So, if you have a desk job and you find that your office chair is not comfortable or adjustable, have a talk with your employer to see if an adjustable option is possible.

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What to Consider When Buying an Executive Office Chair?

Executive Office Chair

Executive Office Chair

When you are thinking of choosing an executive office chair, there are some essential factors to consider. In addition to the cost, a few of the things that may seem less obvious to consider are:

  • Assessing the chair back for the appropriate size and fit
  • Making sure that the chair is adjustable
  • Choosing one based on durable material that was used to make the chair
  • Making sure it has a stable base

These things are also vital factors to think about when you are getting ready to choose the right executive office chair.

The Size of the Chair Back

As stated before, the back of the executive office chair is an essential feature to think about. For enjoying comfort while sitting in an executive chair, the top half of the chair back should not be lower than the middle of the person’s head. There should also be a head rest for added comfort. There are many executive chairs with backs extending past the back of the individual’s head while seated. When he person leans into the back of the chair, their head may hang over the back of the chair and be very uncomfortable.

The Chair Material

The material of the chair is also a vital factor. Usually, leather is the common material used to make executive office chairs. It gives the chair a look of elegance and comfort. The leather remains cool enough to be seated in for a long period of time. It can also be warm enough for comfort when the weather is cold or the office air conditioner as a high temperature. Leather also last for a long time, whether it is used to make a jacket or executive chair.

The Adjustment

It is recommended that when you are buying an office chair, you look for its adjustment capabilities. Most executive office chairs come with adjustment features such as reclining and altering the height and armrests to suit the person that will be seated in it.

The Base

The base of the office chair is also important to its stability. Most of the executive office chairs will come with wheels or casters. There are some office chairs that also have legs instead of wheels and four stokes only to support the four legs. It is best to get an office chair with five or six legs so that the chair does not easily tip over. A strong base facilitates better support for the person seated.


Of course, as you are considering the purchase of an executive office chair, price is one of the essential aspects to start looking for the right one. However, that should not be the only thing that will determine your decision. As discussed, pay attention the adjustability and other features.

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High Back Office Chairs for Added Comfort

High Back Office Chairs

High Back Office Chairs

A high back office chair is not something that you see all the time in an office environment, even though; it is helpful in many instances. It could be a priority selection for an executive such as a manager or supervisor. However, it could also be helpful for some or all regular employees. High back office chairs offer extra comfort. They are specifically designed for such. There are many other reasons why employers should consider outfitting the office with some of these office chairs. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Lumbar Support

High back office chairs offer lumbar support. Your lower back and the sides of your torso are considered the lumbar area. You can find this area between the ribs and the pelvis. This is the area that is most affected when a person sits for long hours. It is the pivotal position of the body where you will feel most of the strain during long hours of being seated. This is especially true when you have to move around in your office chair to complete daily work activities. A good high back office chair will protect the user, especially this area of their body because of the support that it provides.

Support of the Shoulder

A high back office chair provides great shoulder support. When you are seated in a traditional chair, the shoulders may not get the support needed during a long day of work. This is particularly true if you work on a laptop and don’t have that eye level position. The high back office chairs prevent you from having pain in the upper back.

Support of the Neck

You also need to have neck support when seated in an office chair. The high back office chairs offer you just that. You can rest your neck as you work or when you want to get a quick break from an assignment. The high back office chair can prevent you from getting neck cricks, subsequently helping you to avoid headaches.

Basic Back Support

Your posture is important whether you are seated or standing. It is even more important when you are sitting. Your back has to be straight and the high back office chairs offer excellent support for those sitting for long periods of time.

Supporting the Head

The high back office chair also offers the user the support needed to go into a resting position while speaking to coworkers or while working. With all the thinking that employees do on the job, in addition to brainstorming, they need to rest the head from time to time.


Overall, comfort is one of the basic goals that high back office chairs should achieve. Comfort allows for less back, head and neck pain. Most high back office chairs have ergonomic features, which allow for more adjustment to comfort. It is time to equip your office with high back office chairs.

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Contemporary Office Chairs for the Executive and Staff

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Contemporary office chairs are manufactured using various kinds of materials. For example, there are some made of plastic, others of leather and some of polymer. Most of these office chairs are made to last and light in handling. At one time, office chairs were all made from some type of wood. However, because of care for the environment and since using wood would involve cutting trees down, the trend has slowed considerably.

Aluminum and Lightweight

Many chairs were made using aluminum, which also was lightweight and durable. These types of contemporary office chairs that are made using aluminum tend to be versatile since the material is compliant. You can choose aluminum chairs for the office since they come in a variety of styles and colors to match your taste.

The President

When you are thinking about buying a contemporary office chair, you have to also consider how and what you will use the chair to do. If this is an executive office chair, then you will need to look at a higher quality chair, one that has a higher back for support. These types of executive chairs are not the norm. They are usually made from leather and not just any type of leather, but the expensive kind. This is quite appropriate since most of these office chairs are used in high level board meetings. So, in many cases, you will find executive chairs to be more comfortable in comparison to an employee’s chair. A manager or supervisor would also have a special executive chair for the office.

The Ergonomics

Ergonomic office chairs are perfect for the executive and staff. It is designed to offer spinal support. It allows the person seated to initiate the correct posture and maintain it during the long hours of work while seated at a desk. Sitting in an ergonomic chair will only serve to eliminate back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. If you want to have a productive employee, it is best that employers invest in ergonomic office chairs.

The Comfort and Quality

The quality of these chairs is of benefit to all employees. For the executive, a quality ergonomic office chair will make the office look sophisticated with its leather upholstery. However, while sophistication is a nice trait, comfort is more essential. There will be features in place to adjust the arm rests, height and seat depth for added comfort.


While some managers look at the expense of a modern office chair for the staff, no money is spared when it comes to executive office chairs. Every employee should be treated with an ergonomic office chair for reasons expressed above. The staff’s comfort is just as important as the executive. Increased productivity and an efficient office operation are at stake.

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Buying a Big and Tall Office Chair

Big and Tall Office Chair

Big and Tall Office Chair

There are different facets to purchasing a big and tall office chair than only an exchange of money. An office chair is essential to the productivity among employees. Without the comfort of an office chair, the staff won’t be able to provide the same level of productivity to the employer. Every staff member should have a chair that supports their specific weight and height. In addition, it is important that the office chair also provides the worker with the chance to develop good posture and the appropriate alignment to avoid any workplace injuries.

Seated Right

Many employees are suffering with pain on their jobs because they are not sitting in the right chair. This is especially true if you are carrying more weight and height than the normal person. With the correct office chair, the employee should be able to:

  • Move
  • Bend
  • Reach
  • Turn

As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your staff is working to their fullest capacity, but also doing so in a comfortable manner. So, when you are ready to purchase new office chairs, there are some things to take into consideration in ensuring the best choice is made.

Not the Norm

There are office chairs that carry adjustable features and known as ergonomic office chairs. There are also big and tall office chairs for the person with excess weight and taller than most of your other employees. For them, you should make sure that the office chair comes with features such as:

  • Right tilt
  • Good angle
  • Tension
  • Recline
  • Height

The Seating

The ergonomic or big and tall seating will usually have a control panel that the employer can use to make adjustments to suit their particular needs.

For employees that have to work longer hours, it means that the chair will be heavily used and for this reason, you will need one with a titling and reclining feature to lessen the fatigue on the lower and upper back as well as the neck and arms. Choose one that has additional padding to protect the curve in the spine and one that fosters good circulation in the legs.


In the past, a big and tall office chair was never a product that employers would invest in. However, as times have changed, employers have found that hiring skilled employees means that you have to accommodate their needs. Office seats are part of the package and so employers have to get prepared for the big and tall person and all other hires – as long as they are qualified for the position. It is now time for employers to put their workers at ease and allow them to enjoy working in a comfortable setting.

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