Ergonomic Office Chairs are Essential to the Workplace

Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair

The employee and employer will usually place a lot of value and emphasis on a good office chair. For the sake of their health, they know how important it is to have good posture and to do so; it will require the best ergonomic office chairs available and able to meet the needs of those who want to be productive each day. The employee is the person that helps to keep the company running. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the employer to ensure that comfortable seating be in place.

An Example

For example, let’s say you were hired by a company to fill the position that someone just vacated. Let’s say that person worked for the company over ten years and sat in the same office chair the entire time. You come along and the employer expects you to use the same office chair to produce the same quality of work or better. How would you deal with such a scenario? Because you have just been hired and you want to secure the job first, you wouldn’t immediately approach an employer indicating that you want a better office chair. However, instead, you would use the same chair, but after the probationary period, you can make your demands. This is especially true if you are uncomfortable with sitting in that particular office chair.

Much Needed Comfort

Ergonomic office chairs are ideal for employees because it offers comfort and the ability to adjust the chair to the way that works best for you. In an ergonomic chair, you are able to avoid back pain and any other discomfort or health issues that come with bad posture from a bad office chair. It is an asset to have one of these chairs in the office since it allows the employees to increase their productivity.

The Boss

If you are a manager or supervisor, you should also consider one of the ergonomic executive chairs for your office. As a manager, you, too, need to maintain good posture while working and that is what the ergonomic office chairs will do for you. While sitting at the computer or at a desk, it is important to have good seating because most people, even the boss, tend to curve the back in order to get work done. In addition, long work hours without much movement can cause fatigue, discomfort and pain in the back. Most employers are aware of this, but there are many who don’t do anything about it.


Ergonomic office chairs are an essential commodity to the workforce. The adjustment features are instrumental in helping employees enjoy comfort while working. Employees can use the tilt and swivel features to increase their comfort level. They can also adjust the arm rests, neck rest, seat depth, and back rest to recline when needed, rest the arm from typing and be seated with entire body receiving the necessary support it needs. If you are not sitting in an ergonomic office chair at work, it is time to go knocking on the manager’s door.

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Does Your Office Chair Support Your Back?

Office Chairs

Office Chairs









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Are you seated while reading this? If so, are you holding the right seated position or are you slumped in your chair? Is your office chair comfortable or are you having constant back pain due to uncomfortable seating? Yes, did you know that your office chair could be the cause of your back pain? If your back is not supported while you are seated, it could cause you tremendous medical issues. If you feel numbness in areas such as your rear end or lower thighs while seated, this could also be as a result of your office chair. These symptoms will only exasperate over time.

No Support

When you are seated in ergonomic office chairs, for example, you are provided with more options since this type of chair has adjustable features. An ergonomic office chair allows you to make adjustments to various areas of the chair. In so doing, you will relax your neck and back while working for long periods of time. Whether you are feeling pain for sitting long or not, you can still experience discomfort and have poor posture in an office chair that is unsupportive.

Shapes, Colors and Sizes

You will see office chairs that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some will have high backs and some medium backs while there are others that come in various colors and with different adjustable features. It is best to choose the appropriate office chair that is comfortable, but yet matches the décor of the office. So choose dark colors, but colors that are consistent to the rest of the office furniture.

The Right Chair

If you are an employer who is shopping for the right office chairs for your employees, you may be tempted to go cheap. However, before doing so, conduct a research on the type of chairs that will best suit your workers and the ones that will allow employees to provide more productivity to the company. You will see many options to choose from. You won’t be confused if you do your research and find chairs that can be adjusted to suit a particular employee. So, you want to look for adjustable office chairs with excellent back support and comfort. It would be ideal to take someone along when shopping for your ergonomic office chair. This person could help you to make the right choice.


Look for an office chair that provides good support in the lower back area.  Find one that can adjust the seat height, arm rest and back rest. Search for affordability too, but in the end, comfort should be the deciding factor.

Choosing the Appropriate Ergonomic Office Chair for Your Computer

Computer Office Chair







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If you were to consider the times that you spent in an office chair, you will know that this is the most time that you spend seated anywhere else. For that reason, sitting in an office chair for long periods of time can cause various pains and aches. Your muscles, posture and back stand a good chance of being hurt. This is especially true when the chair is not properly designed as you would find with an ergonomic office chair.

The Uncomfortable Chair

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day, you will soon understand the negative effect, but you have to consider your health first. It is time to get rid of that old office chair and replace it with an ergonomic chair. Let’s look at the effect of an ergonomically designed chair, especially when you sit around a computer all day.

The Height

The height of the chair is important to your comfort and health. Most employers buy generic office chairs and not all employees are of the same height and weight. For that reason, employers should think about buying chairs specifically to suit the person seated in the chair. This means that an ergonomically designed chair will offer the employee a chance to make adjustments to the height. If someone were short and had to be seated in a shorter office chair, it would only leave a stinging feeling in the legs because of not having enough room for stretching the legs. Higher office chairs for a shorter person can also be bad since it might lead to pain in the legs. In addition, if you have to sit around a computer, you need a chair that will adjust to the height of the computer desk.

The Arm Rest

A good computer chair is helpful to the arms of the seated person. If you do a lot of computer work, you need an office chair with the correct arm rest. Why? Well, you don’t want to end up with carpal tunnel syndrome nor do you want to strain the muscles in your arm. As employer, you should consider buying ergonomic office chairs for your workers since they have enough arm rest. In fact, the arm rest in an ergonomic office chair is adjustable to suit the seated person.

Reclining Features

If you are seated in the office for long periods, the reclining features of an ergonomic chair is helpful to keep your back rested from the strain of sitting up straight. Most ergonomic office chars can adjust into a reclining position to suit your height and weight.


A good office chair should have a head rest and the appropriate back support. To acquire productivity from employees, it is best to get a good office chair. In so doing, the employees will feel comfortable and not have to deal with health issues as a result of an uncomfortable office chair.

Office Chairs: Why is Ergonomics Important?

Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs







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Ergonomics is a word that comes from the words ‘ergo’ meaning work and ‘nomos’ meaning the study of. In a nutshell, ergonomics means the study of work. The effective goal of ergonomics is to get a job done in comfort. Ergonomics allows employers to provide the proper seating and office conditions for a group of employees.

Job Setting

Even though, employees work in a wide range of job setting, from hospitals, to medical offices, to construction sites to office environment, seating can be a challenge. This is especially true when the employee has to work for long hours. This is where ergonomics comes into play. It allows employees to be more productive in an office setting and be able to work long hours, if that is the case.

The Body

The body needs to be aligned and have good posture to operate efficiently. When seated, a person has to have less muscle movement to preserve the position of the body. That is the benefit of an ergonomic office chair. The entire body needs to be comfortably aligned and this also goes for the upper and lower arms. Your arms should relax comfortably at the side of your body. This helps to reduce muscle movement in the neck and shoulder. You should be able to shift your elbows when you want.

Added Comfort and Ease

For added comfort, the forearms should be positioned parallel to the ground. This aids in boosting the blood flow in the wrists and hands. The wrists should be able to reach the computer easily so that carpal tunnel syndrome does not set in. The position of the arm is obtained with the proper alignment of the height of the ergonomic office chair seat. Most ergonomic office chairs are built with features to adjust the seat height. Doing so will enable the user to be at the exact distance and height of the computer keyboard and mouse.

Wrist Pads

If you are seated in an uncomfortable office chair, you may need to consider using wrist pads to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. The wrist pad would provide a cushion for both the wrists and the palm of your hands while you are using the keyboard. However, ergonomic office chairs also provide the same cushioned feature.


You also need an office chair that prevents neck fatigue, which means a taller chair back, which the ergonomic chair provides. With a heightened chair back, you get to rest the top of your head, your shoulder, back muscles and neck. With an ergonomic office chair, you can adjust everything to your height and size. Consider ergonomics when you are shopping for office chairs.

Saving Money With Ergonomic Office Chairs

office chairs

office chairs







Image credit: It is not an easy thing to locate an affordable ergonomic office chair, especially when you are buying more than one to put in your office. However, when you are in the market with an intention to purchase several ergonomic office chairs, it is best to take your time because you will need to consider more than one thing such as the features and how the chair adjusts as well as pricing. Affordability means Comparing It is not as likely that you will locate an affordable ergonomic chair or affordable ergonomic office chairs without first doing some serious price comparison. However, you will be able to save some money once you know what you are looking for. Other Setting Ergonomic office chairs can work in any type of environment such as an industrial office, medical practice and medical lab. In fact, it is getting so popular that it is no longer just an office commodity. People that work from home are also viable candidates for ergonomic office chairs. It does the body good, preventing unnecessary fatigue and backache and allowing the user to be able to sit for longer hours. Be aware that….When looking for an ergonomic office chair, it will depend largely on what the chair will be used for and the extent of its use. Different Types If you are looking for durability, the ergonomic intensive use office chair or 24/7 seat as it is known is the ideal choice. Its design is conducive to the person seated for extended periods of time such as a dispatcher or security monitor professional. If you are looking for an ergonomic industrial office chair, fabric is of utmost importance as you will have to clean it regularly. The Executive Managers will love the comfort of the ergonomic executive office chair with its leather upholstery. The knee tilt allows for great multitasking, making it easier to reach the computer and have telephone conferences at the same time. The ergonomic task office chair is oversized and allows the user to adjust the height and arm rests. This would probably be best for someone looking for added comfort and the executive would enjoy this one too. Conclusion The ideal ergonomic office chairs are the ones that can easily lock in various positions and can be reclined. With your back is in a reclined position, it allows for more comfort and ease to work productively throughout the day. Be sure to test out the office chairs for the best comfort prior to making a purchase. It is important to invest in good office chairs for your workers.

Office Chairs for the Big and Tall

Big and tall office chairs

Big and tall office chairs









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When shopping to buy an office chair, it can be quite a huge undertaking, especially when you are trying to find one that fits a big and tall person. Most office chairs are manufactured with the smaller person in mind; possibly below six feet tall and a weight of under 200 pounds. For people over six feet tall and over 200 pounds, the challenge begins because of the limited number of choices available. Additionally, if you are an employer, you are probably going to spend more on such an office chair. Well, until now, that is. These days, you can find a big and tall office chair that suits anyone weighing over 200 pounds – and at a reasonable price and with various high quality options. It all comes down to finding the appropriate make and model.

For the Big and Tall

When buying office chairs today, you have to consider ergonomics. The world has evolved and the introduction of ergonomic office chairs has been embraced by so many people, but the big and tall individual has benefited from it even more. Why ergonomics? Well, these types of office chairs offer added support than other office chairs. For the big and tall person, this is important. Additionally, the ergonomic office chair has adjustable features that the big and tall person can use to alter the comfort level of the chair to suit their size, height and shape.

Built In or Adjustable

There is also another option, if you want to save money – the built-in ergonomic office chairs. However, for the big and tall person, this is a problem because it does not offer any options for adjustment. The adjustment ergonomic office chair would be the better option because of the convenience it offers and the ability to adjust the chair to fit comfortably. When you are over six feet tall, the built-in ergonomic office chair does provide lumbar support, but since it cannot be adjusted, it may not help in all cases.

The Adjustable Features

Some of the features to look for when you are looking to buy a big and tall office chair are:

Adjustment of height – You should be sitting in a chair that is tall enough so your feet can be flat on the ground and still make you comfortable

Adjustment of Depth – There are some tall people that have longer legs or longer torsos. Adjusting the depth helps to accommodate the length of the upper leg as necessary, allowing the thighs to position properly.

Adjustment of angle – When seated, your eyes should be directly level with the computer screen. You shouldn’t have to stretch to reach your computer and you should have the ability to recline if you need to. Adjusting the angle helps the big and tall person to do just that.


Big and tall office chairs should be included in a modern office setting because you never know when you will hire someone who is over 200 pounds in weight. You also want to have an office chair that is easily adjustable to fit even the employee who is less than 200 pounds. The big and tall office chair can do both.

Your Perception of Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chair

Office Chairs

Office chairs are kind of like a pair of shoes. However, it is not as fun when you are seated in an uncomfortable office chair for hours at a time, only to end up suffering from lower back pain and other illnesses. What is your perception of office chairs? Isn’t it supposed to be as comfortable as if you wearing a pair of flats? You bet. You should feel that cushiony feeling as if you are sitting on a well-padded sofa.

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In addition, you should have a choice of what you want to sit on; just like you were picking out a pair of comfortable shoes in a store to wear to a party, knowing it has to be comfy because you are going to be dancing all night. Hope you got the picture!

Comfortable Seating

Anyway, back to reality! Your office chair should feel as if you would sit in it for hours on end. It shouldn’t be stiff and it shouldn’t make you uneasy. Forget about those unattractive plastic office chairs that you see in some restaurants. You need a perfect apparatus and ergonomic office chairs fit the bill. They are the perfect solution to comfortable seating. Your work chair should be more of a friend than an enemy. If you are not happy with your office chair, it is time to talk to your employer. It is especially true if you are constantly having back pains.

The Best Perch

Want the perfect perch? It is time to consider getting your very own ergonomic office chair. No more back pains, no more kidney issues or hemorrhoids. Yes, an uncomfortable chair can cause so many medical symptoms that could later snowball into something worse. It usually starts with the back pain, bad posture and then other things later on.

Going Executive

If you are an executive, it is a good choice to have a special ergonomic office chair to fit your job description. You should be sitting in a plush chair with adjustable features where you can turn the chair into what works best for you. A comfortable ergonomic chair will empower you to make better executive decisions.

Going Ergonomic

Office chairs don’t have to be complicated as long as you know what will work for you. More importantly, you should be sitting in an office chair that allows you to make adjustments. It should have unique features that you can utilize to adjust the height and width to fit your body type. Every office needs chairs for its employees. It is better for employers to invest in ergonomic office chairs because of the durability and lasting fabric as well as noticeable comfort to employees. Is that your perception of your existing office chair? If not, it is time to go ergonomic!

The Details and Essentials Involved in Office Chairs

Office Chairs









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Are you in the process of setting up your new office? Well, you are going to have to purchase office chairs and not just any type, but the ones that are comfortable for your employees. You want your employees to be productive, right? Well, if you don’t provide good seating, you will have unhappy employees taking time off from work due to various things like lower back pain or carpel tunnel syndrome.

The Importance

Yes, an office chair is important to the posture and the posture is important in helping employees sit and work around their desks comfortably. For example, an employee with an office chair that is not adjustable to his or her height might have issues with carpel tunnel. There is more to buying an office chair than the employee’s posture, the chair’s beauty or its longevity. Comfort and adjustability are also important. Ergonomic office chairs have the capability to be easily adjusted to a person’s height so that the person can easily reach their desk to work efficiently.

Materials and Designs

When purchasing office chairs, you have the option to choose from a wide range of designs and material, but this shouldn’t be the end all to your decision. Anyway, you can choose from:

  • PVC Office Chairs
  • Leather office Chairs
  • Low Back Office Chairs
  • Medium Back Office Chairs
  • High Back Office Chairs
  • Swivel Office Chairs

You can look for features that include:

  • Adjustable Arms
  • Chairs that can Fold to Fit in Small Spaces
  • Adjustable Height

Buy office chairs with colors that will match your office décor. Don’t overwhelm yourself when shopping. You can make a decision based on the length of hours your employees work, adjustability and their comfort. Then you can buy the same chairs for everyone in the office.

Executive Office Chair

Your next decision is to choose the right executive office chair. Of course, the boss is just as important as the regular employees. In the same breath, if the boss should be comfortable, so should the employees. In many cases, the boss may get an expensive chair with comfort and style. It might be a leather ergonomic office chair with the option and ability to adjust as needed. If you are an executive who is purchasing a new office chair, look for something that will give you durability, but a swivel option and soft seating.


Whether you are purchasing office chairs for yourself, a receptionist, security or for the mail room, they should all be comfortable, durable and easy to adjust to the persons’ height and usability. Armed with this knowledge, it is time to go out and buy new office chairs.

The Different Types of Office Chairs

Office Chairs









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The most essential furniture pieces in any company is office chairs. It makes the office look nice, but it also improves the health of the staff. Over the past few decades, office chairs have evolved, especially with new and advanced technology. Today, office chairs are specifically designed to foster health. With ergonomic designs, employees will be able to improve the way that they sit and how their posture is maintained. Even the employees suffering from painful backs will find that the office chair is a useful, comfortable and relaxing commodity. There are a wide range of office chairs on the market today. So let’s take a look at some of them.

Kneeling Office Chairs

If you are looking for back support, the kneeling office chairs don’t come equipped with any. These chairs have a forward incline. So, the hips tend to have a forward slide. The good thing, though, is that these office chairs will help to align your shoulders, spine and neck.

Exercise Ball Chairs

Exercise ball office chairs look like a ball. It is not easy to slouch in them, though. They force you to sit in an upright posture. You will find them a little bouncy, restricting movement. It is good to bounce since this helps in aiding blood circulation. This chair may be good for you, allowing you to adapt a non-conforming chair instead of the standard office chair, which can prove to be cramped. Exercise ball chairs are the newest on the market and have become the alternative choice to customary office chairs. You get a lot of back support from sitting in this chair.

Saddle Chairs

Saddle office chairs are named correctly since when seated on them, it makes you feel as if you are appropriately seated on a pony or horse. These are excellent in providing a solution to lower back pain since the height is easy to adjust. It can be used as a desk as well as computer chair.

Recliner Chairs

Reclining office chairs offers you a chance to work while reclining. This is especially helpful to people with spinal injuries. For working, you can affix a small table to your office chair.

Balans Chairs

Balans office chairs position your legs at a 90 degree angle, which is ideal for your lower back, keeping your spine level and even. Your selected office chair should be something that you chose for comfort, offering the benefits of ergonomics. If you are seated at your desk for a long time, you will want to choose from a selection of office chairs that will make you comfortable.


When you are working and sitting for long periods, always remember to get up and walk around or change positions occasionally. Make your choice by selecting from various office chairs that meet the criteria of sufficient back support, comfort and adjustability. In so doing, you may lean towards the ergonomic office chair.


Steps to Choosing a good Ergonomic Office Chair

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There is no way that an office should be without a chair or with an uncomfortable office chair. It presents so many problems for the staff. An uncomfortable office chair causes back problems that can get very severe, especially if the employee continues to sit in the same chair for years. In fact, employers should change out their office chairs on a realistically regular basis.

An Example

For example, let’s say Sue worked for the BCF Company for five years and left her position for a better job. Now, Carrie comes along to take Sue’s position and sits in the same office chair. Sue weighed 250 pounds and Carrie is petite at 120 pounds. Sue was half Carrie’s size. Why is this important?

Height and Size

The height and size of an individual has a lot to do with an office chair or any other chair for that matter. The specific person seated should be able to adjust the chair to suit their height. If the chair, as in Sue’s chair has already been broken in, it is going to be more difficult for the next person, Carrie to be comfortably fitted in that particular office chair.

Employers Responsibility

It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that their staff members are comfortable when working. In Carrie’s case, her situation just wasn’t fair. However, Carrie isn’t alone. Most employers just don’t go out and buy new office chairs when a staff leaves the company. Sue was working for the company for five years and she was overweight, which means that in that situation, investing in a new office chair would be the best decision for an employer.

Ergonomic Chairs

Office chairs that are ergonomic in nature tend to be the ideal option. Ergonomic chairs tend to be excellent choices for relieving the possibility of back problems as well as shoulder and neck pain. The ergonomic office chair offers improved support for someone seated for up to eight hours each day.


When purchasing an ergonomic office chair, make sure you assess its features. Ensure that the chair offers an option to adjust the height. No two employees as in Sue and Carrie’s case are the same size. An adjustable office chair allows employees to protect all areas of their body including the thighs, back, neck, shoulder, arms and feet. Look for a chair that can fit around the employee’s desks. Usually the width should be about seventeen to twenty inches in width. It is important to assess the distinct features of your office chair before purchasing, ergonomics or not.