Office Furniture Trends in the Workplace

Office Furniture Trends

Office Furniture Trends

The workplace has certainly changed in the most recent years as offices are adapting new office furniture trends in office chairs, office desks, and cubicles. What are the workplace trends that you may want to adopt for your workplace? It is obvious that if you are not catching up, you are losing out in making a difference in the lives of your employees and preventing the productivity that you desire.

The Collaboration

Offices, these days have less hierarchy, transforming into flatter dynamics where teams can be together in the same room while working on a specific project. For this reason, office furniture has now been designed for casual collaboration among employees. Employers are installing modular desks. These can be configured into various arrangements to accommodate the office.

Being Involved

It is expected for everyone on the office team to be involved in the daily office chores. For that reason, even the CEO gets involved in the daily grind, being hands-on in checking their own emails and answering their own calls. Executive office chairs, as a result, now have designs that put away different mobile devices while the CEO is working on other devices.

More Productivity

Detailed designed office furniture such as an office chair will offer more employee productivity. This means that all employees will be working on their prospective projects. It is important, then to give employees various options for comfortable seating. This means that the employees back, arms and neck should be protected while being seated for long periods of time.

Creative Environment

In the past, organizations and companies were more focused on maintaining efficiency. There are now many organizations working on projects that involve intellectual property. For that reason, employers are encouraging creativity. Office furniture now has bolder colors to motivate employees to be artistic.

Innovative Technology

In the past, employees used to have only one computer at their office desk. These days, the same employee could now be using multiple devices such as a tablet, computer and smart phone. Sometimes, they could be using all devices at the same time. In fact, a lot of office desk are currently designed in such a way as to carry two tabletop grommets where tech wires are hidden out of sight for proper organization.


The traditional office chairs are not the only things necessary to have a group meeting these days. Companies are now more in need of seating that facilitates configuration for staff members from various departments. This allows them to work together on the same project. For this reason, office furniture is being designed for more versatility.


Working for long hours means that an employee needs the comfort of ergonomic office chairs that allow for adjustment such as swivel and changes to height. Employers should definitely look into adding ergonomic office chairs to the office furniture trend.

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How to Make a First Impression in Your Office Reception Area

Office Reception Area

Office Reception Area

Within seconds of going into the office, prospective customers will often decide what they want about your company, depending on the setup in the office. First impression, it has been said, is the lasting impression. At a glance, a customer will immediately decide your trustworthiness, and your finances, whether your company is in trouble financially or not. The potential customer will also make a determination of whether they should do business with you or not. Of course, you cannot control people’s thoughts. However, you can control how your office or reception area looks.

The Entry Way

First, you would put a bowl filled with sweets on a table or office desk in the reception area. Then you would pad the chairs or add a nice sofa. There are several other ways that you can communicate the professionalism of the office from the entry way.  Your welcoming smile may not be enough since this is what customers expect. However, you can spruce up the space with real plants. You can add lighting to create an ambiance and you can offer free Internet. Let’s go even deeper.

The Layout

The reception area must have a nice layout. You have to plan how you will execute this. You could start by strategically placing the office furniture so that the area is not crowded. You could design the space with a specific theme.  Your objective is to create a positive setting, designed tastefully to impress customers as they walk through the door.

Comfort and Relaxation

Visitors should feel comfortable as they sit on the office chairs or the sofas. Place the chairs and sofa close together so that the visitor does not have to walk too far away to be seated if the reception area is filled. Put magazines out to give the visitor something to read. Consider putting in a coffee maker as a courtesy to your visitors.

Sensible Design

Make concession for the days when the weather is bad and people are coming in and out of the reception are with mud on their shoes. To take care of this issue, design the area with a runner rug and umbrella holder left nearby the door. Use a sign that reads, “Wet Floor.”

Furniture Style

The style of the office furniture, office chairs and artwork are essential. It can add style to the reception area along with a color scheme to complement the background. The centerpiece should be the receptionist desk. Make sure that your artwork is tasteful and not overbearing.


First impression counts! The reception area can make the difference between whether a potential client returns or does business or not. Have your reception area organized to appeal to the new client and to the existing ones as well.

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Pros and Cons of Purchasing a New and Used Office Chair

New Office Chairs

New Office Chairs

There is a time in life that every office manager has to add new office chairs or office furniture to replace the ones that have been there for years. In most cases, employers will take a long time to purchase new office chairs and furniture due to budget constraints. However, there are times when they are forced to do so.

The Cheapest

Some managers will look for the cheapest office chairs, compromising and surpassing the quality. When you choose an office chair to replace an old one, quality is extremely important, that is, if you want the chair to last for a longer time. Choosing the cheapest one may not coincide with your goal of getting more features out of your new office chair purchase.

The Adjustable Factor

In every office environment, the staff should have the option to adjust their office chair to suit their particular body type, height, weight and shape. For that reason, it is better to select ergonomic office chairs because they are fully adjustable and suitable for employees who have to sit for long hours. Yes, they can be more expensive than the traditional office chair, but they are more durable and efficient. You could save money by purchasing a used ergonomic office chair. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of purchasing new office chair in comparison to used office chairs.

Used Office Chair

The benefit of buying a used office chair is significant as it relates to the savings. Remember, the chair was used by someone else for however long. Therefore, the retailer has to mark down the price to match its condition. Before you buy one, be sure to inspect it for any defects. Conduct research before committing to a purchase. There are used office chairs that can be quite effective and helpful. The disadvantage with this, though, is that when you make the purchase, the sale is final and you cannot return it, in many cases. Moreover, there may be no warranty on your purchase.

New Office Chair

A new office chair will serve you better since there probably won’t be any defects. If you are going for a new chair, be sure to check the level of adjustability and its upholstery. Of course, you would choose the color that you prefer to match the office decor. The chair would have a warranty so that if there is a problem later, you can take it back to the store. The downside is that you will pay more for the new office chair than the older one.


The final decision will be yours. You have to purchase on the premise that it will serve your needs and benefit your employees in the long run. If you are going to make that final purchase, think about ergonomics first.


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Reasons to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair

Have you ever realized that you had fallen asleep while sitting at your desk when you should be working? Is it that you did not sleep well the night before or is it that your office chair was so comfortable that it put you to bed? All kidding aside, office chairs are important to the productivity that employees will show to their employers, especially an ergonomic office chair.

Solution to the Discomfort

If you are like many employees, you may have experienced excruciating back and neck pain from sitting in an uncomfortable office chair at work. You may end up spending your weekends worrying about work on Monday, just because of the bad office chair. Does this ring a bell? If it does, it is time to approach your employer and ask for an ergonomic office chair. Why? Well ergonomic office chairs come with various features that allow you to adjust the seat to fit your height and weight.

Tailored Needs

Ergonomic office chairs are tailored to meet specific needs of the employees. With these needs met, employers will enjoy more productivity from their employees. The employee who is comfortably seated in their office chair will want to come to work on Monday after a weekend at home. In addition, an ergonomic office chair will reduce the symptoms of neck pain and back pain, providing the appropriate opportunity for employees to sit with better posture, reducing the pain.

Cheap Office Furniture

If you are currently seated in a cheap office chair with no chance of adjusting it to suit your need for comfort, then you will ultimately have pain in various areas of the body. The right office furniture is essential to the employee’s well-being and employers should recognize this. It is probably up to the employee to make the complaint because many times, employers don’t know what employees are experiencing.

The Reasons

There are many reasons to choosing an ergonomic office chair. For one, if you want to enjoy proper circulation, it is ergonomically appropriate to have an office chair that provides adjustable features. The chair should allow you to adjust the chair’s height so that your feet lay flat on the floor and your knees are bent at the right angle – 90 degrees. Blood will flow through the body properly when the adjustment is made. An ergonomic chair will also relieve any pain you may be having in the neck or lower back. You will receive the appropriate support from an ergonomic office chair to fit your natural body shape. This, along with the comfort felt, will allow you to concentrate for longer periods of time during the day.

The Conclusion

There are several health benefits associated with an ergonomic office chair, and yet, why aren’t more employers putting them in the office as the staple office furniture? It may be that the employers are not aware that ergonomic chair exists. It might be time for employees to educate their bosses. It is in your best interest.

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Adjusting Your Workspace for the Ideal Office Ergonomics

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs








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In 1970, the ergonomic office chair was introduced to the office. Since that time, office chairs have enjoyed popularity among workers and employers because of their accommodating and comfort factors. In fact, the adjustable features include:

  • Tilt Limiter
  • Tilt Tension
  • Height Changes
  • Arm Rest Alterations

Much research has been done to understand the challenges that employees face while being seated for long hours. For that reason, it has sparked conversation and then manufacturing of healthier office chairs and then, on the scene comes the ergonomic office chair.

Sitting Better

Office ergonomics is conducive to a healthier way of life for employees who sit for longer-than-usual hours. It provides comfort and protection from bad posture and back pain. There are millions of employees sitting in office chairs that are designed badly. Because of the lack of office ergonomics, they sit in a position that results in subsequent back pain. When this happens, the employee may have to take time off from work and the employer suffers. Lack in productivity follows due to the missing employee.

The Chair Design

Office ergonomics has to do with designing a chair with the integral purpose of physiology. What does this mean? The person seated in the chair should have the appropriate support to perform well. So, when you are buying an office chair, bear this in mind, especially the fact that the staff should be able to work without having to endure the risk of back pain and bad posture. So it is best for the employer to adjust the workspace for the ideal office ergonomics. Buying the proper office chairs is the first step to getting the confidence of your workers. The office chair that you buy should have:

  • The right chair height
  • Enough spacing to fit in the office
  • Good desk space

Protect Yourself

Sitting in a bad office chair will adversely affect your back, wrists, legs, neck, shoulders and fingers. If an employer wants to get the best performance from workers, the appropriate office furniture is important. No one wants to work in an uncomfortable office environment. A good chair should support the curvature of your spine. Your feet should rest squarely on the floor. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground. Your arms should rest gently on the armrest so much so that your shoulders are relaxed.  Your feet should fit comfortably under your workstation. Your neck should rest comfortably on the back of the chair.


If you are an employer, do your employees a favor by making adjustments to the workspace with the best office ergonomics. You will benefit tremendously from it.

The Benefits of Contemporary Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Office Furniture








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When thinking about the office, furniture is very important. In fact, the office furniture reflects the taste, personality and style of the office. It also reflects the kind of business that the owner is operating and provides an ethos of what clients can expect when entering the office building. Each industry and company has a different office setting as it relates to the office furniture. Most office workers are assigned an office desk and office chair to accommodate them in order for them to be more productive.

The Selection

Employers, though, must be seated in comfortable office chairs; if possible ergonomic office chairs are better because of their sleek designs and adjustable features. When considering office furniture, the darker wood is better, especially for certain kinds of business and industry. However, these days, if you want to have a contemporary office, it is best to choose office furniture that are stylish and ones that make a statement.


Functionality is essential in any office environment. Why? Staff members spend a lot of time and much of their waking hours working in an office setting. With functional furniture that is comfortable, employees will be more productive and able to properly carryout out their responsibilities in the office. Prior to buying office furniture, though, employees must have a good idea of any specific requirements. For example, for a graphic designer or engineer, special office desks and office chairs may be necessary to get their job done productively. For a typist, a good desk and office chair is paramount. An ergonomic office chair is even better where the typists functions better because of the option to adjust the chair to his or her comfort.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

In many office setting, employees sustain injuries due to bad seating. More employees need to think about transforming the office into a contemporary one by introducing ergonomic office chairs as part of the office furniture. Good posture and comfort is important to the well being of all employees. Ergonomic office chairs offer flexibility and comfort. The user is able to make adjustments to match their height and weight.


Initially, employers stayed away from getting ergonomic office chairs for fear of the expense. However, manufacturers understand the dangers of workplace injuries and have facilitated the need to purchase these chairs for more employees by making them affordable. Ergonomic chairs provide the office with a modern look and style, but more importantly a safe office setting that is void of injuries caused by poor seating.


Improving Productivity with Functional Office Furniture

Functional Office Furniture

Functional Office Furniture

For every office, functionality is important, especially if you want your office furniture to be displayed appropriately. More importantly is the fact that it could improve productivity among your staff. Therefore, as an employer, you should focus on functionality as a priority. You could still improve functionality with furniture for a standard office or tailored office. It is also possible to create a functional office with style as well as purpose. Let’s explore.

Additional Consideration

In terms of functionality for your office furniture, it is best to get the appropriate furniture and this includes the most comfortable office chairs. You also want to make sure that the office chairs and other office furniture are not too cumbersome as to allow for sufficient storage and space. You will need a filing cabinet to secure documents into filing folders. In so doing, your staff will easily find what they are looking for. You should also consider office desks with enough drawers for storing items for ready use.

Avoid Disorganization

No employer wants to see a disorganized office. This could be the major obstacle to having a productive office. So, office furniture choice is instrumental in ensuring that this does not happen. It is important to have a comfortable layout of the office so that it can operate smoothly for everyone. The worst thing is to have paperwork strewn over employee’s desk. While some employees claim to work best in that kind of environment, it should not be tolerated. Therefore, the employer should do what it takes to prevent his from happening.

The Right Office Chair

Employees also need to be comfortable as they work. For that reason, a good investment should be made in comfortable office chairs. Ergonomic chairs are ideal since the employees can make adjustments according to their height and weight. No two office chairs should be the same because no two persons are the same. Therefore, the employer should ensure that each staff member is seated in the right office chair.

Office Desks

Yes, office desks are just s important as office chairs. People plan company futures around desks. Productivity is heightened when the desks and chairs are made for each other, ensuring comfort all the way around. If your staff is sitting at varying angles and have to strain to see their computer screens, then you won’t enjoy productivity at its highest level. Moreover, uncomfortable office chairs and desks will eventually result in injuries, which could lead to employee’s taking time off from work, reducing productivity.


It is time now to choose the best office furniture that will give you the most productivity in the workplace. Create an office setting that invites productivity and one that the staff will enjoy coming to each day.


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Can The Setting Impact Office Productivity?

Office productivity

Office productivity

If you want to know whether an office setting impacts productivity, the answer would be an absolute yes. If your office is being relocated or renovated, it is important to spend time to consider the type of décor that you will use. An office set up and décor can dictate how much productivity the employer will receive from the employees. In addition to communicating with employees what you want done, employers can create an environment that is conducive to productivity. It may start with expanding the office cubicles or purchasing new office chairs. Let’s explore.

Too Close

No employee will feel comfortable in sharing their computer screens with other employees. Your employees will also want privacy and quiet when working. If another employee is too close for comfort, it can create animosity between them. For that reason, office cubicles act as a deterrent to office productivity. Many employers don’t stop to consider that the office set up may be the reason for no productivity from the staff. When employees sit closely together, it can result in constant disturbance when someone is on the phone speaking to a customer or making a private phone call.

The Studies

Many studies have been done on productivity. It seems that it is safe to say, from this information that office productivity also relies on the comfort of the employees. If a staff member especially works long hours, it is best that the employer purchase comfortable office chairs. With the noticeable comfort, the employees will produce more for the employer. Ergonomic office chairs are ideal, whether the office set up includes office cubicles or office desks. In addition, more studies have proven that poor ventilation and fewer decorations in the office set up will reduce office productivity. Moreover, employees that work in offices with windows tend to work better than a windowless office.

Office Improvement

Employers can improve an office to make employees more productive. It is best to begin with the employee’s work space. Make changes to office furniture, company culture and the lighting. If you have to add lighting to brighten up the office, by all means do so. Add office chairs for visitors and customers. Organize the office by including filing cabinets in order to reduce clutter. You don’t want your employees to be spending time cleaning up the office of loose papers when they could be working.


Office setup and layout is essential contributors to improved productivity among employees. Office chairs, office desks and other office furniture are two of the most important considerations. When you make your employees as comfortable as possible, you will get more out of them.

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Improve Functionality and Add Fun with Good Office Chairs and More

Office Chair

Office Chair

Use your imagination for a minute and think about walking out of your conference call and sliding down a shoot to get to your desk. Is that possible? With today’s technology, anything is possible when it comes to weird innovations. But, no, you are not going to shoot down a slide to your desk; at least not yet.

Contemporary Office

However, there are a wide range of contemporary offices that other employers need to take notice of. Some offices have improved their functionality, adding fun with good office chairs and more such as a theme-oriented environment. Forget about an office filled with only cubicles. As companies grow and develop in size, they are trying new things to keep employees interested and productivity.

Going Ergonomics

The ergonomic office chair is one idea. This type of office chair has various features where you are able to swivel around if you need to move from one point to the other. You are able to adjust the features to suit your own needs. This includes height adjustment so that you have better posture when seated. The ergonomic office chairs are ideal for employees who want to be comfortable while working for long periods of time. This office chair protects the entire body.

Think Outside the Box

With new office designs and innovative furniture, the office can become one that workers truly enjoy working in. That is why so many companies are making this transition – from conservative to very modern. While you want to make an office modern, you don’t want to go haywire. However, employees will appreciate inventive ideas such as having a tree house in the office or something that looks like a camping ground or other unorthodox selections. If you want employees to see that you will go out of your way to make them feel special, think outside of the box. You will certainly get their attention. For example, at Google headquarters, you will find offices with pool tables, slides, ball pits and golfing greens. Of course, Google has the budget to do all of this, but if you are working within a certain budget, you can come up with your own ideas and get the staff involved.


When you have happy workers, you get more productivity out of them. Sit down with your staff to come up with ways that you can make the office more comfortable. If it means adding modern office furniture or better office chairs, let the conversation be fun and innovative. Let your employees be actively involved in making some of the decisions.

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Turning the Office Into a Fun Place – Office Chairs and All

Office Chair

Office Chair








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When you were going to furnish your office, how did your shopping list look? Did it have a gray desk, black office chair, swivel conference chair, waste paper basket, ergonomic chair, beige filing cabinet and receptionist desk? Yes, these are the normal stuff that the typical office will purchase. Some people think that this is boring. While fancy office furniture is not a guarantee to improving productivity in the workplace, changing the office environment with fun fixtures will help employees to think of work as a fun place to be. Below are some ways that you can turn the workplace into a fun place, office chairs and all.

Milk Desk

You probably have never heard about the milk desk for the office because it is a new concept. The design matches the Apple gear, boasting a white surface and highlighting rounded edges. You can lower the desk and raise it using the electrical gadget that comes with it. You can utilize its many compartments for storage and even as a fish aquarium. The desk is made so that you can hide clutter. You can also opt for a desk for the office made using the wing from a DC3 plane, making for a good conversation piece.

Saddle Chair

If you are looking to change office chairs, then the saddle chair could be an ideal option. The chair comes with a saddle seat to foster good posture and maintain blood flow in the legs.

Bean Bags

Bean bags are great for turning an office into a fun place to be. In fact, these are excellent to use in a meeting room. Just place a coffee table in the middle with the bean bags situated around the table and get the meeting started in a comfortable setting.

Meeting Beds

Yes, you heard right, the next best innovation for the office to replace office chairs or add another option to the office are meeting beds. Made in London, these are becoming very popular in the corporate conference rooms where multiple employees sit on the bed and brainstorm ideas.

The Balancing Act

The balancing act is a piece of office furniture that forces three people to sit on it and try to maintaining their balance while working together in collaborative meeting. Each person has to contribute to the collaboration, making the balancing act – cool and practical.


When it comes to office furniture, ergonomic office chairs should be the staple or ‘go to’ piece for comfort and productivity. However, you can choose to try other innovative and fun items to place in the office to give it creativity and an atmosphere where employees will enjoy working in.