How to Make a First Impression in Your Office Reception Area

Office Reception Area

Office Reception Area

Within seconds of going into the office, prospective customers will often decide what they want about your company, depending on the setup in the office. First impression, it has been said, is the lasting impression. At a glance, a customer will immediately decide your trustworthiness, and your finances, whether your company is in trouble financially or not. The potential customer will also make a determination of whether they should do business with you or not. Of course, you cannot control people’s thoughts. However, you can control how your office or reception area looks.

The Entry Way

First, you would put a bowl filled with sweets on a table or office desk in the reception area. Then you would pad the chairs or add a nice sofa. There are several other ways that you can communicate the professionalism of the office from the entry way.  Your welcoming smile may not be enough since this is what customers expect. However, you can spruce up the space with real plants. You can add lighting to create an ambiance and you can offer free Internet. Let’s go even deeper.

The Layout

The reception area must have a nice layout. You have to plan how you will execute this. You could start by strategically placing the office furniture so that the area is not crowded. You could design the space with a specific theme.  Your objective is to create a positive setting, designed tastefully to impress customers as they walk through the door.

Comfort and Relaxation

Visitors should feel comfortable as they sit on the office chairs or the sofas. Place the chairs and sofa close together so that the visitor does not have to walk too far away to be seated if the reception area is filled. Put magazines out to give the visitor something to read. Consider putting in a coffee maker as a courtesy to your visitors.

Sensible Design

Make concession for the days when the weather is bad and people are coming in and out of the reception are with mud on their shoes. To take care of this issue, design the area with a runner rug and umbrella holder left nearby the door. Use a sign that reads, “Wet Floor.”

Furniture Style

The style of the office furniture, office chairs and artwork are essential. It can add style to the reception area along with a color scheme to complement the background. The centerpiece should be the receptionist desk. Make sure that your artwork is tasteful and not overbearing.


First impression counts! The reception area can make the difference between whether a potential client returns or does business or not. Have your reception area organized to appeal to the new client and to the existing ones as well.

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Choosing the Ideal Reception Furniture

Reception desk

Reception desk






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When visitors enter an office, the first thing seen is the reception area. For that reason, it has to be inviting and very acceptable looking. It says a lot about the company when it is. To achieve a presentable looking reception area, it is best to have the right layout and furniture. Choosing the best items for the reception area is helpful in making it look modern and fresh. Choice is Key Before choosing the ideal reception furniture, you have to first think about the nature of the business. For example, if the industry is industrial, you would go for industrial office chairs instead of the traditional office chairs. It is not wise to buy office chairs fit for an accountant’s office when you need sturdier chairs for a medical practice. The Counter For your reception desk, you can select from a wide range of designs. Some reception areas have a U-shaped or L-shaped counter, which is functional and looks quite attractive when you walk into an office. Forget about the traditional reception desk with its rectangular shape. Try to experiment with other shapes to complement the style of the office, creating a personalized image for the company. If the office is a small one, you could choose a reception desk with a single work space. You can choose from different materials and color such as glass, metal and wood and natural colors like white or grey. Receptionist Chair Every reception area should have a nice receptionist chair, one that is not only durable, but comfortable. It is best to go for an ergonomic office chair that allows the receptionist to relax and have the appropriate back support. Choose one with strong frames and nice fabric that is easy to maintain and clean. The office chair must be able to fit comfortably behind the reception desk and high enough so the receptionist doesn’t have to always get up when a visitor walks in. Sufficient Storage Be sure that both the reception furniture and receptionist chair has sufficient storage. This will prevent the clutter of unnecessary filing cabinets and cupboards. You can store paperwork in a small filing cabinet while storing other things in the drawers of the reception desk to keep the desk free of clutter. Conclusion There are a wide range of things to think about when selecting reception furniture for the office. However, one of the most essential things is the receptionist chair for added comfort and then a receptionist desk to bring out the best in the office environment. After that, you get comfortable office chairs for visitors to sit on while they wait.