Are Massage Chairs the Right Solution for Back Pain?

Massage chairs

Massage chairs

Were you aware that a massage chair offers many benefits to relieving back problems? Many of the massage chairs these days are non-invasive and low risk to providing a real and practical solution to muscle pain. It might surprise you that there are massage chairs made using advanced technology that delivers an incredible experience and tangible benefits for painful back, neck, shoulder and legs. Let’s take a look at the primary advantages of using massage chairs to treat your bad back.

Circulation and Blood Flow

In most instances, the most common source of pain and aches in the lower back is the disruption or disturbance in circulation and blood flow. This compromises the delivery of essential nutrition to the complex muscles of the lower, middle and the upper back. This is a temporary condition and known in the medical field as ‘ischemia’ or tightened tissue, resulting in reduction in blood flow. With massage chairs, circulation and blood flow will increase, aiding in the recovery of soft tissue damage, muscle soreness or inflammation.

Muscle Tension

Muscle tension can be reduced by using a massage chair, which helps to reduce chronic and sharp pain in the lower back as well as other areas of the body. This is especially true when you receive an injury or need to align your muscles. The muscles are imbalanced when you experience tension, causing subsequent pain. A massage is able to reduce the tension and imbalance as well as improve sleep and facilitate healing. It will make a difference in the way you focus and also in your mood.

Increase of Endorphins

A twenty minute massage can increase endorphins in the body, triggering peace of mind, relaxation and an improved sense of well being. When the mood is enhanced, it prevents or reduces anxiety and depression that usually accompany things like back pain or any other chronic pain.

The Techniques

For individuals looking for comprehensive treatment for severe pain that is disrupting their daily lives, a quality massage is an excellent option. Massage chairs and massage specialist can deliver Shiatsu and Sweden massage techniques, particularly proven to help back pain sufferers.


In summarizing, massage therapy has been proven by medical research to be effective in treating severe pain. With massage, the body will improve its lymphatic flow through muscle manipulation. It will also increase blood flow, helping to enhance circulation. When you are sitting in a massage chair, there is a good feeling released by endorphins, helping with toxin flush out. When selecting massage chairs for helping with lower back pain, it is recommended that you try to choose one that provides 3D technique, which offers deeper massage into the muscle tissues.

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