How to Protect Your Health by Sitting in an Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair






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If you spend more than seven hours at your desk while working, then you may want to read further. When you are seated so long, do you experience any kind of pain in your neck, back or shoulders by the end of closing time? Do you continually feel the discomfort and pain every time that you are seated or all the time? While it may be time to see a doctor, it is also probably time to change your office chair to an ergonomic office chair. Changing your work chair at the office is the ideal way to dissipate the pain over a short time.

Seated for Long Periods

When you are an office worker, there is no way around not spending time seated in an office chair. It is a given. But, when you sit in the same position for long periods of time, it can take a toll on your limbs; back, shoulder and neck. When you put too much stress on the spine, it is bound to cause ongoing pain.

The Solution

The solution is an ergonomic chair for the office, which is not the same as a traditional office chair. It is designed specifically to rest the primary structures of the body that are used while seated and the ones prone to being stressed while you are working. Below are some of the health benefits to protecting yourself while seated in an office chair.

The Benefits

An ergonomic office chair will help to provide support to your back and foster better posture while seated. Traditional office chairs do the opposite and for that reason, there are so many people with incorrect postures, especially those seated for long periods of time. An ergonomic chair is designed to counteract these issues. With this office chair, you are in control, which means that you can adjust it to your personal needs. It comes with adjustable back and head rest. It also supports the knees while placed on the floor and your hips remain parallel throughout the day. The ergonomic office chair offers more comfort than the traditional chair. Why? Well, the adjustable features will subsequently provide the comfort necessary to be productive at work. You avoid the risk of also having neck pain because the ergonomic office supports the neck with an adjustable headrest. It also supports the back to prevent back pain.


With an ergonomic office chair, you will be inclined to sit for longer because of its noticeably comfort. If you are an employee who is experiencing pain due to long hours of sitting and an uncomfortable office chair, it is time to speak to your boss about making the chance to an ergonomic office chair.

Choosing the Ideal Reception Furniture

Reception desk

Reception desk






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When visitors enter an office, the first thing seen is the reception area. For that reason, it has to be inviting and very acceptable looking. It says a lot about the company when it is. To achieve a presentable looking reception area, it is best to have the right layout and furniture. Choosing the best items for the reception area is helpful in making it look modern and fresh. Choice is Key Before choosing the ideal reception furniture, you have to first think about the nature of the business. For example, if the industry is industrial, you would go for industrial office chairs instead of the traditional office chairs. It is not wise to buy office chairs fit for an accountant’s office when you need sturdier chairs for a medical practice. The Counter For your reception desk, you can select from a wide range of designs. Some reception areas have a U-shaped or L-shaped counter, which is functional and looks quite attractive when you walk into an office. Forget about the traditional reception desk with its rectangular shape. Try to experiment with other shapes to complement the style of the office, creating a personalized image for the company. If the office is a small one, you could choose a reception desk with a single work space. You can choose from different materials and color such as glass, metal and wood and natural colors like white or grey. Receptionist Chair Every reception area should have a nice receptionist chair, one that is not only durable, but comfortable. It is best to go for an ergonomic office chair that allows the receptionist to relax and have the appropriate back support. Choose one with strong frames and nice fabric that is easy to maintain and clean. The office chair must be able to fit comfortably behind the reception desk and high enough so the receptionist doesn’t have to always get up when a visitor walks in. Sufficient Storage Be sure that both the reception furniture and receptionist chair has sufficient storage. This will prevent the clutter of unnecessary filing cabinets and cupboards. You can store paperwork in a small filing cabinet while storing other things in the drawers of the reception desk to keep the desk free of clutter. Conclusion There are a wide range of things to think about when selecting reception furniture for the office. However, one of the most essential things is the receptionist chair for added comfort and then a receptionist desk to bring out the best in the office environment. After that, you get comfortable office chairs for visitors to sit on while they wait.

The Importance of Orthopedic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs

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Most employees work at computer screens all day and this might involve slouching over the desk, which negatively affects the lower and upper back as well as the neck and shoulders. Therefore, it is important for employers to equip employees with the best office chairs available on the market. If an employee is not comfortably seated, it could create more than just back pain. The employee will not be as productive as the employer would want and over time, this will get worst rather than better. Low productivity will mean reduced profitability for companies that don’t invest in the proper office chairs.

Ideal Option

One of the best office chairs on the market these days is the orthopedic office chair. It offers added comfort, especially for employees that have to sit for longer hours. In so doing, it doesn’t compromise the health of the employee. If you are an employee who is suffering from pain in the back or neck and you work long hours, you could attribute it to an uncomfortable office chair. Then, it is time to report this to your employee before your condition worsens. It is the responsibility of the employer to get you an office chair, which is easily adjustable for your comfort.

Going for Comfort

The traditional office chairs do not provide the right kind of comfort for most employees. Investing in an orthopedic office chair is the best bet for employers who want to keep their employees around for a long time. The orthopedic office chair not only benefits the regular worker, but also the owner and upper management personnel working in the company.

Making the Right Choice

When you are seated in a relaxed position, it will help to rejuvenate your body. However, if you sit for long periods of time, you will put a lot of pressure on your spinal area, thighs, butt and shoulders. Therefore, it is not wise to sit for long periods without getting up and moving around to improve circulation in the legs, feet and entire body. However, if you are sitting in an orthopedic office chair compared to the traditional office chair, you will have a better seating experience so you don’t have to get up and walk around that often. You will have less pressure on your back and reduce the possibility of any injuries.


Many people suffer from scoliosis and other medical issues due to sitting in a conventional office chair. Office chairs should be chosen upon the premise that the worker will maintain good posture and receive the right back support. When you invest in orthopedic office chairs, it is a wise decision for you and your employees to maintain optimal health and become more productive in the workplace.

Substitutes for the Traditional Office Chair

Exercise ball office chair

Exercise ball office chair









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As a substitute for a traditional office chair, modern styles of chairs have been designed for a variety of reasons. Ergonomic office chairs, for example, have been introduced to the workplace as a way to give employees more back support, encourage good posture and provide comfort. This is especially necessary when employees have to sit for long hours at a time. An ergonomic office chair might take some time getting accustomed to. However, they usually become more comfortable as time goes by. If you suffer from lower back pain or any type of discomfort when seated, you would fare well with an ergonomic office chair. There are different types of ergonomic office chairs for people of all heights and sizes.

Saddle Ergonomic Chair

The saddle office chair has ergonomic features. It is considered a computer or desk chair. The chair has the shape of a saddle. The person seated will be in a similar position as if riding a horse.  In this position, the person can drop the legs naturally, creating more stability when seated. The saddle position is more often than not useful for those experiencing lower back issues. This office chair, over time, can possibly strengthen the muscles in your back. It prevents you from slouching than other traditional office chair does.

Kneeling Ergonomic Chair

Kneeling office chairs have no back support. The person will sit in an altered kneeling position. This design forces the person to maintain good posture. The user slides the hips forward while aligning the shoulders, neck and back.  The user receives support directly from the chair’s seat. Additional support comes from the user’s shins. Your weight is distributed between your knees and your pelvis, reducing spinal compression and stress on the leg muscles and lower back.

Recliner Office Chair

For those with major back problems such as a degenerative disc disease, a recliner office chair would be best. It makes them feel more comfortable reclining than sitting up. The user can prop the feet on the foot rest. The user could also lie on the stomach using a small attached table to work.

Exercise Ball Ergonomic Chair

The exercise ball office chair is not the usual chair that you would see. It is shaped like a ball, but large enough to be supportive. It can be used as a computer or desk chair. The real benefit of this office chair is that it promotes active sitting and active movement. Of course, you will bounce slightly, but you legs will keep moving, stimulating circulation and reducing stress. You will maintain good posture because it is difficult to slouch. You can attach a backrest to this office chair as well.


It doesn’t matter the kind of ergonomic office chair you use, as long as it deals with any back issues and provides the comfort you need. Additionally, you want to ensure good posture, less back fatigue and improved circulation.

Features to Look for in an Office Chair

Office Chair









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Once you spend a considerable amount of time in an office each day, you will find yourself seated in an office chair for most of the time. This will add stress to your lower back and spine, especially if you sit in the same position every day. Therefore, if you want to avoid back problems, it is essential that your office chair be ergonomic, which means it should support the lower back and promote excellent posture.

Best Type of Ergonomic Office Chair

There are a wide range of ergonomic office chairs that you can choose from. There is no special type that would be considered best. However, there are specific features that will make for an excellent ergonomic office chair. In fact, each individual has specific needs so an ergonomic office chair should be purchased according to those needs.

Office Chair Features to Consider

Traditional office chairs are a thing of the past, especially if the employer has had those chairs for a long time. It is the employer’s responsibility to change out office chairs as long as they have served various employees for a considerable amount of time. It would not be fair to a new employee to sit in a traditional style chair that has seen many years. So, employers, it is time to invest in your employees by purchasing the right office chair to include features that cater to their needs.

Seat Height

The seat height of an office chair is important so that employees can adjust it according to their height and weight. Make sure that the chair comes equipped with a pneumatic lever that can easily adjust. Most people should be able to handle an office chair with seat height of up to 21 inches off the ground. The employee can then sit with feet flat, arms close to the computer and thighs horizontally placed.

Lower Back Support

Posture and back support is also an important aspect of sitting in an office chair. An ergonomic chair offers adequate support for the lower and upper back. When you sit for many hours without supporting your lumbar spine, you will find yourself slouching and after a while, you will start having back pains. An ergonomic office chair will help you to adjust your lumbar spine to fit your height and weight.


A good office chair needs a comfortable back rest and an ergonomic office chair provides all of this. You will be able to adjust it to suit your particular needs for the proper support. Your backrest and seat should come all in one piece because then you will be able to adjust it in different positions.

Seat Fabric

The seat fabric should be well padded so that you can sit comfortably for long hours. The fabric should also preferable be durable since you will be seated in it for some time.


Ergonomic office chairs are the ideal solution to comfort and support. You will be able to work productively and then don’t mind sitting for long hours to complete assigned projects. Therefore, employers should take note of this.