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The most essential furniture pieces in any company is office chairs. It makes the office look nice, but it also improves the health of the staff. Over the past few decades, office chairs have evolved, especially with new and advanced technology. Today, office chairs are specifically designed to foster health. With ergonomic designs, employees will be able to improve the way that they sit and how their posture is maintained. Even the employees suffering from painful backs will find that the office chair is a useful, comfortable and relaxing commodity. There are a wide range of office chairs on the market today. So let’s take a look at some of them.

Kneeling Office Chairs

If you are looking for back support, the kneeling office chairs don’t come equipped with any. These chairs have a forward incline. So, the hips tend to have a forward slide. The good thing, though, is that these office chairs will help to align your shoulders, spine and neck.

Exercise Ball Chairs

Exercise ball office chairs look like a ball. It is not easy to slouch in them, though. They force you to sit in an upright posture. You will find them a little bouncy, restricting movement. It is good to bounce since this helps in aiding blood circulation. This chair may be good for you, allowing you to adapt a non-conforming chair instead of the standard office chair, which can prove to be cramped. Exercise ball chairs are the newest on the market and have become the alternative choice to customary office chairs. You get a lot of back support from sitting in this chair.

Saddle Chairs

Saddle office chairs are named correctly since when seated on them, it makes you feel as if you are appropriately seated on a pony or horse. These are excellent in providing a solution to lower back pain since the height is easy to adjust. It can be used as a desk as well as computer chair.

Recliner Chairs

Reclining office chairs offers you a chance to work while reclining. This is especially helpful to people with spinal injuries. For working, you can affix a small table to your office chair.

Balans Chairs

Balans office chairs position your legs at a 90 degree angle, which is ideal for your lower back, keeping your spine level and even. Your selected office chair should be something that you chose for comfort, offering the benefits of ergonomics. If you are seated at your desk for a long time, you will want to choose from a selection of office chairs that will make you comfortable.


When you are working and sitting for long periods, always remember to get up and walk around or change positions occasionally. Make your choice by selecting from various office chairs that meet the criteria of sufficient back support, comfort and adjustability. In so doing, you may lean towards the ergonomic office chair.


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  1. If you’re looking for office furniture that would be friendly on your back, then an ergonomic chair is perfect for you!

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