The Features to Look for in a Good Office Chair

Office Chair

Office Chair

Being seated in a comfortable office chair has the ability to influence the kind of productivity that your employer wants and the way that you work in the office each day. For that reason, corporations will often do research before they purchase an office chair for their employees. When you see many of the office chairs on the market, you can determine right away that each of them have some commonly noticed features, but still some different characteristics. Let’s take a look at some of these features synonymous to office chairs. With the right information, companies can choose an appropriate office chair for each employee, fostering comfort and durability.

The Adjustable Feature

When making the purchase, employers should first look at ergonomic office chairs. Why? These chairs have more adjustable features than the traditional chair. When seated uncomfortably, the back is the first place that may hurt. Therefore, it is important to find a chair that has adjustments to the back rest. When you are able to adjust the back of the chair, it will only make sitting more comfortable, especially if you are seated for longer periods of time throughout the day than is normal. Your options include:

  • Height adjustment to the back of the chair where all body parts will be supported, but especially your lower back
  • Having the ability to adjust the back tilt so that when you want to rest your back, you can adjust it to tilt, giving your back some relief
  • The horizontal back adjustment shifts the office chair deeper for added comfort

Height Adjustment

Every chair in the workplace should have the features to make adjustments to the height. Not every employee has the same height. Ergonomic office chairs are better at modifying height. A lever is usually at the bottom of most chairs unlike in the past when you had to put your foot on the base to do the adjustment.

The Seat Pan

The seat pan has various features such as:

  • Rounded edges
  • Depth
  • Tilt
  • Made of cloth

You can find the rounded edges at the frontal section of the seat pan. It reduces painful pressure that employees may feel at the back of their legs because of being seated too long. The depth of the seat pan is also helpful because it also aids in good blood circulation in the legs. The tilt allows the person seated to adjust their posture, reliving pressure at the back of the thighs.

The Armrests

It is important to also be able to adjust the armrests so as to better handle the keyboard and computer mouse. It is also beneficial to have adequate padding in the armrests for more comfort.


A comfortable office chair is one that has various features to make sitting for long periods more bearable. You will improve your productivity and feel good about going to work every day.

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