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Who wants to sit on an old, squeaky office chair when you have to work long hours? No one does unless you want the job so badly that anything goes! However, in the long run it will hurt your back, posture and health. An office chair is standard to all offices, cubicles, conference rooms, CEO’s office and even the cafeteria. Office chairs are assigned a purpose. Of course, it is made to sit in, but it also should be comfortable and healthy seating.

Not Just Furniture

In contrary to popular belief, the office chair is not just furniture in an office. Each chair has its own reason for being there. It is important, then to choose the right office chair, one that provides comfort and safety during the hours that you are seated in it. You might not understand the specifics of an office chair and the importance of the adjustable features such as height, width, depth, armrest, backrest, swivel, and ergonomics, so let’s explain.

Chair Height

The chair height of the office chair should be easily adjusted. That means your chair should have a pneumatic lever to do the adjustment. With this lever, the seated employee should have the ability to move the chair up to 21 inches off the ground. This is an important feature since the seated individual needs to adjust the chair to his/her height so that he/she can reach the table or the desk in front. If the chair is extremely low or too high, the seated person might have to slump or strain to reach the desk.

Chair Width and Depth

The width and depth of the chair is also essential and helpful in supporting the person’s frame and size. Most office chair widths go up to 20 inches. The depth is measured from the front of the chair to the back. This should be large enough to provide adequate backrest up to 4 inches between the seat and the person’s knees.


Office chairs should have adjustable armrests because everyone is made up physically different. The armrest should be comfortable for the arms, elbows and shoulders.


An office chair should have a backrest that measure up to 19 inches. It should also provide adjustable features so the seated person can move it forward and backward.


When you work in an office, you may have to move around – to another computer or file cabinet. For that reason, an office chair should offer a swivel bottom so you can freely move about.


An ergonomic office chair increases the opportunity to receive neck and back support as well as improvement to your posture in order to avoid slumping. These chairs are adjustable and are recommended for preventing stress on the back, neck, spine, shoulders, legs and arms.


All things considered, an ergonomic office chair is the ideal option for working in an office. These office chairs are cost effective and provides the support and comfort needed to increase productivity in the workplace. If you are not sitting on an ergonomic office chair, then you need to do so.

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