The Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair: Will it Work for You?

Mesh ergonomic office chair

Mesh office chair

Mesh chairs should have a basic and similar requirement applied to it as any ideal ergonomic office chair. However, that is not necessarily so in every situation. It all depends on how the manufacturer constructs the chair.




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A Good Chair

Every good ergonomic office chair should have specific features for comfort. These include:

  • A size to fit the person’s body
  • Adjustability so that the person sitting can fit and have a chance to change height or any other feature to suit him or her
  • Comfort so that the person can sit for longer hours as needed

One size does not fit everyone. For each office chair, individuals should have an option to change the chair’s dynamics to suit their size and shape.

Mesh Chair Option

There are mesh office chairs available in various price ranges, especially if the employer is working with a low budget. You can still get enough adjustable features for low budgeted ergonomic office chairs. However, before you buy an ergonomic office chair, it is important to note that you won’t always get the same comfort as you would another higher priced office chair.

Why Choose Mesh?

Should you consider purchasing a mesh ergonomic office chair? Why would you buy an office chair with mesh seating? A well padded chair seat is probably better than one with a mesh seat. However, if the mesh seat is ergonomically made, you stand a better chance of having comfortable seating. If you sit longer than eight hours, may be a mesh seat is not for you. However, if you sit for the normal eight hours per day while working, then a mesh ergonomic office chair could work for you.

What to Consider

The idea is to choose an office chair where you are not troubled with back issues. You should also consider other things with mesh seating. These include:

  • Whether your body will fit right into the mesh seating without having to seek support on the hard frame. If you have large buttocks, this would be most important
  • Whether the front of the seat’s edge is flexible and soft enough for comfort so that it doesn’t dig into your skin when you recline it
  • Whether the mesh is abrasive or not so that your clothing is not damaged with a mesh office chair


If the mesh is flexible at the back of the office chair, then it will form a contour to the shape of your body, giving you excellent lumbar support and comfort. Look for mesh ergonomic office chairs with a three-panel back, with headrest, can recline and comes with features that allow for adjustments.

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