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Business owners realize that the chairs employees sit in for long hours can become a major issue for them. In fact, approximately fifteen percent of the office budget is spent on furniture, especially office chairs. In the ideal fitting office chair, you should have enough support for your back and feet. Your feet should be planted securely on the floor. Your thighs should be positioned laterally to the floor. The knees are supposed to be positioned at an angle of ninety degrees. The height of the office chair has to be adjusted in such a way as to ensure that the computer monitor is below eye level while the wrists have to be straightened as they are extended to use the keyboard or the mouse.

Complexity of Office Chairs

No two chairs are alike unless they are built the same way. The elements of an office chair are complex because of its adjustment features. Many office chairs, when purchased are so complex that employees have to receive training on how to use them, especially those chairs with multiple features.

Support and Attachment

The most technological office chairs offer great support to a wide variety of sizes, body shapes and positions. Some come with cushioned armrests while others have flexible back support. An office chair is one of the furniture items that evoke strong physical emotions. Why? Most employees are attached to their own office chair. For example, if you were to go into an office and sit in someone’s chair, the first thing you would hear out of their mouths upon seeing you is, “What are you doing in MY chair or get out of my chair?” Remember that most employees spend a lot of time in their office chairs. They have adapted to it and see it as a possession.

Productivity and Comfort

For that reason, employers should ensure that their employees get good ergonomic chairs to sit in. An ergonomic office chair is the new norm. Many business owners are choosing this type of office chair for several reasons, but most importantly because they want to provide a place of comfort and support for their employees where the employee will be more productivity. This is especially true when the office chair has multiple features to help the employee to feel more comfortable. On the standard office chair, it might feel as if you are seated on a spike or pins and needles. Employers have to find the appropriate solution for this and ergonomics has proven to be the best.


An office chair is similar to the employee’s shoes. They spend a lot of time in them and are very appreciative when they provide comfort. Both affect the body and make it feel either good or bad. The same way that you have to pay attention to how your shoes supports your feet and makes you feel is the same way you assess the features and comfort of an office chair.

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