Three Common Office Chair Problems

Desk_chairEspecially if you are an office worker and need to be as productive as possible during those long sitting shifts, having problems with your office chair is a major distraction. Chairs are meant to help, not hinder the very work we need them for. For some, much of the problem lies with not having an ergonomically sound office chair, but here are some common and easily addressed problems that employees often face with their office chairs.

Seat is Too High or Too Low

Most office chairs are made with the height of the “average” person in mind, which is roughly between 5 feet 6 inches and 6 feet tall. If you fall into this category, then your chair seat is probably about where you need it. However, this average manufacturing height can be a problem for those of us who are taller or shorter than average. Shorter workers have difficulty resting their feet flat on the floor, leading to pain in their legs and thighs. Taller workers have their feet on the floor, but their knees are bent into an upwards angle that quickly becomes uncomfortable.

Easy fixes for seat height problems is to get a more height suited chair, replace the gas lift with one that can go lower or higher as needed, or for shorter individuals to use a suitable foot rest with their office chair.

Falls Apart When You Lift It

Have you ever lifted up a chair only to have its base completely fall off or the top half come detached? Don’t worry; in most situations it’s fairly simple to remedy this problem. Usually this happens in newer chairs because the gas lift post is too loose and comes off as a result of not yet being firmly slotted into the bottom of the chair or base of the legs.

To fix, clean off the oil or grease present on the end of the post before putting the chair back together. With a firm grip on the chair, apply pressure downwards by sitting down hard a few times or using a knee to push down on the chair seat. Once the correct amount of pressure has been applied and they are wedged into place, the post and the base should engage into an interlocked fit and not fall apart any more.

Keeps Slowly Sinking When You Sit

This is an office chair problem nearly all of us has experienced at least once before, and is probably one of the most bothersome. Most of the time, your office chair will slowly sink due to a problem with the pneumatic lift or gas cylinder. To remedy an old, defective, or otherwise faulty gas lift, ordering a replacement is all it takes to restore your beloved office chair to working order.

If you’re sure it’s not due to age or a mechanical defect, then there are two other points to check. It might be sinking due to the weight of the sitter exceeding the recommended weight for that chair or because of a misaligned or damaged height adjustment lever.

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  1. The gas lift is normally the first thing to go on any chair! Happens to me once in a while. If the chair is from a good manufacturer, they typically replace it for free though.

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