Three Tips for a Cozier Work Environment

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As most office workers have experienced at some point, there’s nothing like feeling uncomfortable at work to make the hours seem to drag on forever. Add in your typical day to day distractions and it’s unsurprising that many employees struggle to stay focused and be as productive as they could be.

Namely, whether you work in a traditional office or from home, being comfortable is important. After all, how efficient can anyone be if they suffer from back pain, are always shivering at their desk, or feel squished into a cramped space?

To help you maximize your workday, here are three simple tips for making your office environment into a more cozy and productive place to be.

Consider the Temperature

It almost goes without saying that sitting at a desk for hours and sweating through your shirt (or feeling your extremities turn to ice) is hard to ignore. As a result, make sure to take the temperature of your work area into consideration. For most people, a pleasant temperature (that is neither too hot nor cold) is ideal for better concentration.

Of course, if you work in a communal office or have central air in your home, individualized control of the thermostat is not always negotiable. In these cases, do what is necessary to insure your personal comfort, such as keeping a jacket on hand or bringing in a small desk fan or space heater.

Have a Proper Work Setup

In addition to room temperature, how you set up your workstation can majorly influence how cozy you feel while working. Some people try to scrape by with a rickety desk or cheap chair; however, this rarely turns out for the best. After all, more than just constant physical discomfort, using ill-suited office equipment only encourages bad sitting posture and can lead to chronic aches and pains.

Basically, try to make your workspace as ergonomic as possible. Since you’ll be sitting most of the time, consider investing in a high quality office chair. Likewise, don’t hesitate to make necessary adjustments so your body gets the support it needs throughout the day.

Personalize for Motivation

Lastly, most desk workers find it a lot more difficult to be creative, feel driven, or just keep their spirits up when stuck in a sterile or boring workspace. In any case, no one really looks forward to going in and being surrounded by blank walls.

To remedy, this is where adding in some personal touches can really come in handy. While entirely dependent on your individual taste (and any existing office rules), a bit of color, texture, or unique decor can go a long way. Easy ideas include hanging up a motivational poster, painting the walls a more pleasing shade, or adding in a cactus or little potted plant.

Just remember, for a more comfortable and motivation-inducing work environment, you want to make “the” office space into “your” office space. The more welcoming you make your surroundings, the more you’ll enjoy and want to spend time working there.

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