Tips on Adjusting Your Office Chairs

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Assuming that you already own a good ergonomic office chair, it should also be safe to assume that your chair has the capability to make adjustments to the seat and handle. If that is not the case, then you may have invested in a chair that doesn’t allow you to configure it as you need to. Remember, you can always replace the chair, but you cannot replace a bad back or bad posture. Therefore, it is important to have a chair that can be appropriately adjusted to suit your posture, especially when you have sit and work for long hours each day.  With your ergonomic office chair, here are some details to look for. See below:

Height of the Seat

Most office chairs, especially ergonomics that operate with a swivel will also have inflated gas lift adjustment. This makes it faster and easier to adjust the height of the seat. When the swivel chair is adjusted correctly, it makes your feet rest firmly on the ground and your legs in a comfortable position at right angles. If you have to, then get a foot rest for added comfort.

Lower Back Support

When you make adjustments to the height of the chair, it provides support to your lower back, aligning that portion of your back so you can rest comfortably while working. While sitting in your office chair, your lower back should make direct contact with the back of the chair. This is when you know you have a good supportive chair.

Arm Adjustment

You also need to make adjustments to the arm of the chair. This allows your lower arms to get the support it deserves while you work at your computer. Your arms should be at the same height level as the surface of your desktop computer. The mouse and keyboard should also be easy to reach without further stretching. If this adjustment is not on your existing chair, you won’t be able to achieve this kind of balance.

Depth of the Seat

Many office chairs don’t have seat depth. However, it is an essential function to inquire about when you are purchasing a new office chair. Why? You can set the depth of the seat to match the length of your legs.

Tilt Rigidity

A good ergonomic office chair allows you to make adjustments to the rigidity or tension necessary to move the chair forward and backward naturally. You definitely shouldn’t have to force yourself into the back of the chair while trying to lean back. It shouldn’t tilt backwards without any type of resistance on your part.


An office chair that is properly adjusted provides support and subsequently helps with your health and your well-being. If your office chair doesn’t afford you the opportunity to make adjustments to fit your body type, then it is time to get a new one.

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