Turning the Office Into a Fun Place – Office Chairs and All

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When you were going to furnish your office, how did your shopping list look? Did it have a gray desk, black office chair, swivel conference chair, waste paper basket, ergonomic chair, beige filing cabinet and receptionist desk? Yes, these are the normal stuff that the typical office will purchase. Some people think that this is boring. While fancy office furniture is not a guarantee to improving productivity in the workplace, changing the office environment with fun fixtures will help employees to think of work as a fun place to be. Below are some ways that you can turn the workplace into a fun place, office chairs and all.

Milk Desk

You probably have never heard about the milk desk for the office because it is a new concept. The design matches the Apple gear, boasting a white surface and highlighting rounded edges. You can lower the desk and raise it using the electrical gadget that comes with it. You can utilize its many compartments for storage and even as a fish aquarium. The desk is made so that you can hide clutter. You can also opt for a desk for the office made using the wing from a DC3 plane, making for a good conversation piece.

Saddle Chair

If you are looking to change office chairs, then the saddle chair could be an ideal option. The chair comes with a saddle seat to foster good posture and maintain blood flow in the legs.

Bean Bags

Bean bags are great for turning an office into a fun place to be. In fact, these are excellent to use in a meeting room. Just place a coffee table in the middle with the bean bags situated around the table and get the meeting started in a comfortable setting.

Meeting Beds

Yes, you heard right, the next best innovation for the office to replace office chairs or add another option to the office are meeting beds. Made in London, these are becoming very popular in the corporate conference rooms where multiple employees sit on the bed and brainstorm ideas.

The Balancing Act

The balancing act is a piece of office furniture that forces three people to sit on it and try to maintaining their balance while working together in collaborative meeting. Each person has to contribute to the collaboration, making the balancing act – cool and practical.


When it comes to office furniture, ergonomic office chairs should be the staple or ‘go to’ piece for comfort and productivity. However, you can choose to try other innovative and fun items to place in the office to give it creativity and an atmosphere where employees will enjoy working in.

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