Ways To Keep Warm In Your Freezing Office

Are you one of the many people that work in an office building that can’t seem to figure out how to keep it above freezing in the winter? Being cold is hardly ever a fun thing, and it certainly doesn’t make work any better. If you can relate to this kind of a thing, or you are just one of those people that is always cold, we put together a few simple ideas to help you stay warm in your office this season! Read on to discover some great ideas!

Dress Strategically

Staying warm in the office begins before you leave your house. Take the time to layer up so you can stay toasty all day. Layers help trap in body heat so you do not get cold so easily. It is also a great idea to use layers so if you do get a bit warm, you can simply remove a layer without being indecent.

Move Around

Yep, this one is simple and everyone can do it! Take a few minutes every once in a while to get up and do a quick walk. Go fill up your water bottle, walk to the bathroom that is one floor away, or just do a few stretches right at your desk to get your blood flowing. This helps increase your core body temperature which helps you feel warmer! Bonus points because you are getting in some extra exercise and it is a free way to keep warm!

Hot Food And Drinks

Another simple way to help you stay warm in a cold office is to bring food from home that needs to be heated up. When you consume a hot meal, it helps you shake any chills you may have. To save money you can bring meals from home, or take a few minutes and purchase a hot meal from a restaurant nearby on your lunch break. If you do not want to bring in food or have a hot meal, you can always resort to a nice hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or chai tea to warm you up!

Heating Pads Or Slippers

For real, there are seat cushions for office chairs that warm up and keep you toasty, and there are really heated slippers, too! There are slippers available that are a USB plugin, and cushions that have a regular plugin. Both are great options for a cold office! Just make sure you change out of your slippers before heading to meet with your boss or other coworkers for that big meeting! There is even such a thing as a heated keyboard if you really want to get toasty!

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