What Constitutes a Good Office Chair?

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When you have to sit in an office all day, did you ever consider who exactly invented the chair for the office? Do you think about which manufacturer made the one that you are sitting in right now?  Office chairs were made public after its invention in the mid-19th century. This happened as a result of more workers being added to the office environment who had to sit around a desk. This led to the adaptation of various types of chairs. Charles Darwin, to be exact was the naturalist who created the contemporary office chair, specifically made for employees to carry out their tasks better. The difference with the chairs that Charles Darwin invented was that he placed wheels on them giving employees the chance to roll back and forth from one desk to the other. That is really neat, right?

Swivel Office Chairs

This type of swivel office chair is designed strategically to increase employee’s productivity especially the administrative staff. It makes it possible for employees to stay sitting at the desks at longer periods of time. A swivel chair that has casters gives employees the opportunity to stay seated and reach to several locations within the same work space. This prevents the employees from exerting too much energy by walking back and forth.

Support and Comfort

Saddle seats were designed to support and fit the body while employees were seated. The slatted back chairs offered even more support and comfort to employees. Like contemporary office chairs, a lot of these models were able to be adjusted providing more comfort and allowed employees to work longer hours.

Going Ergonomic

The task chair is considered an ergonomic office chair. It has a lot of great features. The seat is upholstered, soft and lush. That means it is comfortable and offers the appropriate support, reducing stress on the legs with its waterfall tilted front edge. It is available in any color fabric. It has a center rotation and you are able to adjust the seat height. It is sleek with a durable base, nylon armrest and castor.


Make sure that you buy a high quality office chair because it could greatly affect your employee’s health, especially the spine and legs. If you are a boss or manager, you wouldn’t purchase a chair for yourself that does not support your back and legs. So why wouldn’t you do the same for your employees? To keep your employees happy and healthy, go out and purchase the right ergonomic office chair.

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