What Office Chair is Right for YOU?

Choosing your office chair is kind of a big deal isn’t it? I know the only thought going through your mind right now is, “…nope!”. But you’re definitely wrong.
Think about it for a second. You spend 8 hours a day sitting in that chair. That makes it pretty much as big a deal as your bed, with the one MAJOR difference that your boss and coworkers don’t see your bed.
You need to impress!

Get those style points! Sure, ergonomics matter a lot. If you ignore it, your spine and joints will stiffen up and so will your muscles, until you’re eventually disabled, but let’s be honest and recognize that we just aren’t all that practical.

Let’s examine some chairs with personality!

The Tall One

Think high desk. Super tall, glaring down your glasses at the horde of inferior worker ants below you as they bustle by under your imperious gaze.

You might not be the one with the fancy title and a corner office, but this tall chair lets everyone in the office know that you’re the one who people know they need to impress.


The Godfather

You ARE the boss. You sit in your comfortable cushioned leather chair while gazing into the middle distance, contemplating the future of your minions.

Everyone wonders whether you’re mulling layoffs or expansion, and even though they never see it, they wonder if you are hiding a glass of whiskey and a cigar.
The Visitor

This chair doesn’t roll. This is to make sure that anyone who visits your office understands that they do not have freedom here. You do. It is your domain.

Whether they are there to get fired or demand some kind of work from you, it’s important to let them know that they are in no position to make demands or otherwise assert themselves in your presence.

Place a few of these stacking chairs in your office to give the illusion of choice, without supplying any actual choice.

The Worker Bee

You don’t like attention. You don’t want anyone to notice you or fire you, and you want to get your work done and go home without getting pulled into any meetings. This computer chair is for you.

Let’s be crushingly honest about the situation for a moment and understand, you’ll be spending WAY more time in your office chair than you ever will with your kids or your friends.

Would you let your boss assign your your friends and some kids to parent? No?

Well then why would you let them assign you your work accommodation for 8 hours a day for the rest of your life? It basically makes no sense.

Life is soul crushing enough without that kind of Orwellian workplace authoritarianism. You don’t have to submit to that kind of thing. This is America! Well, I’m writing from America, I don’t know where you are. I bet you probably do have the freedom to get your own office chair though.

You can change your life (a little bit), by taking control of this one thing.

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