Why Would You Kneel in an Office Chair?

Kneeling Office Chairs

Kneeling Office Chairs









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Do you suffer from back pain as a result of how you sit, how long you sit and the type of office chair that you have to sit in all day? You are not the only one. Many employees are suffering and there are a lot of employers that don’t do anything to fix the problem. How does the current office chair feel that you are sitting in? Is it comfortable? Would you like more comfort? If your answer is yes, then it is time to sit down with your boss and have a talk about ergonomic office chairs or kneeling office chairs, whichever one you prefer. Your back needs the change.

Kneeling Instead of Sitting

Have you even thought about kneeling instead of sitting? Yes, the question is a good one because there are ergonomic kneeling chairs on the market for people with chronic problems and for those who want to maintain their posture. This might appear as if it is a weird option, but it is not, especially for those who have a problem being seated for long periods of time. Let’s explore the new office trend.

What is it?

Yes, kneeling office chairs are one of the newest trends. Though, it looks like it is an uncomfortable way to work, it really isn’t. People are raving about this temporary phenomenon. You won’t know until you try it. What is the kneeling office chair, you may be wondering? Glad you asked. Kneeling chairs are office stools that are ergonomically designed. It doesn’t have a back like other office chairs. Since 2015, it has become quite popular among office workers and their employers because of the many benefits it carries for people of all ages.

The Benefits

When you kneel on your office chair, your posture is corrected and improved. It offers added comfort and feels as if you are actually in a seated position. It lowers the angle of your body while maintaining alignment in the spine. It positions you in such a way that if you were to lean inward, it would still allow the angle of your body to stay at ninety degrees or even wider. Believe it or not, the weight of your body does not bear down on your knees, but your shins instead. This happens to keep you from falling out of the chair.


Kneeling office chairs are specially designed for the ergonomic solution of saving your back from pain and to promote good posture. Your lower back muscles will become stronger by kneeling instead of sitting. You will experience a natural line of balance from ear to shoulder and from your hips to your ankle while being seated. One thing to note is that kneeling chairs are usually for short term projects and not for long hours of working. So you would still need your regular office chair for computer work. However, it is a solution to when your back is tired or painful and you need a break from the other office chair while still being productive.


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